Doing prereqs in quarter system, anyone ever doing Anat B+C in one quarter?

  1. I'm on a time schedule. Those would be the only two classes I would take this quarter. I work part-time. Anyone ever try it? What were the results?
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  3. by   pedspro
    Yes, I took A&P 1and 2 in the same semester,received an A for both courses. Can be done,just study on a daily basis.
    I also took another class within that semester.
    Just be sure that the Nursing School you intend to attend accepts you with a grade less than B in A&P. Sometimes having a C (passing) is not enough for Nursing School.......Good luck,hope you will join the profession soon
  4. by   Shiningstar05
    I am taking four classes in a quarter and a friend of mine repeated Anatomy 1 while taking 2. I think it can be done but you have to really be prepared to manage your time well, and create good study skills if you don't already have them. Good luck!