does it matter where you take prereqs?

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    I come from an engineering background and am interested in applying to nursing programs designed for people with a bachelor's in a different field. The programs seem very competitive, and I'm wondering if it matters where I take the pre-requisite classes I need to apply. I know UCSF says they don't care as long as you do the research to make sure it's a good class geared towards people intending to go into the health/science field. I'm wondering if they or others still look down on community colleges in general.

    If anyone's from the bay area (peninsula specifically), please suggest where to take them!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Most people take their prerequisites at community colleges to save money. If there is any preference otherwise, from admissions personnel, it is not a well publicized fact.
  4. by   ZAR963
    it is not looked down upon if you take prereqs at a community college. college is college. many community colleges have better reputations than some universities.