Disclosing Hearing Disability on RN Program Application

  1. I have a mild/moderate hearing loss that includes a variety of ranges. I can hear for the most part and I do wear hearing aids when I know that I need a little extra help (i.e. for lectures and stuff). I have NEVER used my hearing as a crutch.

    I recently completed a CNA course and I had disclose my hearing loss. I was having trouble using the instructor's double stethoscope and hearing the sounds. I could use my own and hear the sounds, but not theirs. I had to bring it up due to the skills testing for CNA and the requirement to use the instructor double scope.

    So, here is my delimma. In San Diego, the RN programs go off of a point system. One of the areas to get extra points are for listing a disability. I have need all the points I can get (the disability only gives me one point). I have 71 out of 100 (I have good grades and missed the next level of points in two categories by .07 and 1.2, respectively )

    Do I list the disability and risk the program saying that I am not qualified due to my hearing loss? I have heard stories where people were asked to leave the program due to their hearing issues. What is your thought or experience.

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  3. by   i♥words
    I am not at all up on disability issues/requirements as far as nursing school goes so what I say might not have any merit. From what you said, my understanding is that if you disclose your hearing disability you will get more points? To me, if they give applicants more points for disclosing disabilities, then they wouldn't "disqualify" your application if you list it. I don't know, that's just my thought. Best of luck!