Disclosing ADHD on Application for Disability Points?

  1. I have just recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I made it through my pre-reqs with a 4.0 with NO medication or other assistance for my disability. In California they will offer a point for a disability, but I'm wondering if I should disclose this? I want the point, but not if it's going to disqualify me. I know there are many successful ADHD nurses and nursing school students, but I wonder if this could be used as grounds to disqualify me?

    Any students in California who have recently been accepted and disclosed their ADHD status for the disability point??
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No direct personal experience, but how I see this: For school I would disclose, but here is the kicker. What if the record of this information follows you after school somehow when you enter the workforce? People in my school with documented disabilities were treated appropriately in school. However, I have always noticed the exact opposite in the workplace and the rest of "real life". I would hesitate to disclose for this forward-looking reason.
  4. by   drewseph92
    Hi there, California resident here. This is absolutely not a grounds for dismissal at all!! Whether or not you are on medication.... Unless you are on the ADHD spectrum so severely that it would impede your ability to practice... this would be equivalent to being denied license due to clinical depression. It's just not a thing, unless your condition is bad enough to prevent you from doing your job and you can't pass a medical screening. I totally advise you to disclose this information to nursing faculty members because the will help you greatly and accommodate you as best as they can.