Different levels of nurses?

  1. I know what CNA, LPN and RN are but what are some of the others. What is an LVN and where does it fit in the hierachy. Are there others? Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   arciedee
    LVN is the same as an LPN, just a different name (I believe it is TX and CA where they are referred to as LVNs). Similarly, in NH we don't have CNAs we have LNAs. But it's the same thing, just a difference in how the state chooses to name them. There is a sticky with other acronyms in the general nursing forum:

  4. by   luvmy2angels
    Some nurses go on to to get their BSN or MSN (bachelors and masters degrees). There is also the ADN (associates degree). LPN and LVN are the same thing...Liscensed Practical Nurse/Liscensed Vocational Nurse. A lot of RNs wether or not they have a BSN/MSN usually take on a supervisor role in Long term care and the LPNs do most of the med passes and treatments. Although LPNs can also be supervisors (it depends on the facility). This is just how it works where I work.