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Hi everyone. Thanks for all the previous good wishes, but I FINALLY got my letter today and I did not get in. :crying2: The 2-year ADN program I applied to here in CA had 472 applicants who... Read More

  1. by   Rianna1
    If only I could pick up my kids and relocate to anywhere that accepts me! The main reason I was able to finish my pre-reqs within two semesters is because I have my mom to watch my two kids while my husband is at work. Otherwise, I would definitely apply everywhere. But I have to stay in the Bay area because of the support of my family helping me through the nursing school process. I know eventually I'll get in...here's hoping.
  2. by   VIXEN007
    What other schools are within a 20-25 mile radius of you? Perhaps the more outlying schools might have an opening? Don't give up. Just evaluate, revise and attack! Let us know when you get in! Also, is there an alternate list? Ask to be placed on it.
  3. by   vicky3269
    Quote from weezledawg
    I just graduated from Mendocino College. They actually use a different method of acceptance into their program, one that gives credit for those with higher GPAs and also reduces attrition. Google online for the Chancellor's formula and you will see what I mean. They take your overall GPA, factor it with your science GPA (Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology) and also your English 200 (or equivalent) grades. Points are reduced for retaking the sciences.

    I can tell you from experience that there is nothing finer than attending class with other well-performing students. Here's to 100% graduation rates!
    Hi Weezledog! That is so weird, because Mendocino is the third program I applied at (your classmate Ken had told me about their program) and I just got my letter from them stating I am number 2 on their alternate list! Woohoo! I am praying at least 2 other accepted students decline for this year's program, so I can get in there! I have already begun making living arrangements in the chance that I do get in, because it is 135 miles from my home. But that's OK, I'll come home on weekends!

    Thanks so much for your post! Nice to meet you!!!

    Vicky :spin:
  4. by   serendipity123
    I'm so sorry! That must be really tough. But look on the bright side... with a 4.0 you will have no trouble getting into a BSN program. Cheer up!
  5. by   laura11
    don't give up, It took me 3 tries before I finally got accepted this fall from 3 schools and one is just 20 minutes from me. despite my high GPA. God has a reason for everything, trust me you will get in at the right time. As long as you have good health and a strong support system, you will be fine. Try again