Curry College ACCEL Spring 2018

  1. Hello everybody!
    I'm applying at Curry ACCEL program but I encounter some littles issues on NursingCAS. Any one submitted his Curry application already?
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Simma

    I am working submitting mine now. The site was definitely a little wonkey. I hope you got everything squared away. Good luck!
  4. by   Sam2018
    Hi, I am also applying submitting my application tomorrow. Nervous
  5. by   vitiana
    Hello y'all I finally submitted my application, I received an email stating that my GPA will be available within an hour on NursingCAS but I was unable to locate it.
    Anxiously waiting here.
  6. by   Sam2018
    Did you sumbit appication yesturday right was deadline? Did you put all your grades on NUrsingCAS? I have professional to put but they are waiting on my last transcript .
  7. by   vitiana
    I submitted my application on the 31st may. I had my grades in since May 19th ish , all transcripts were sent to Nursing Cas I just needed to upload my resume and personal statement.
  8. by   Sam2018
    Thats nice. I am still waiting for last transcript to recieve. NursingCAS professional wouldn't enter my grades until receive all my transcripts. WOuld you like to share your stats and background ?
  9. by   vitiana
    Hello Sameraabid,
    I have so far : A&P 1 A- , A&P 2 B+ , microbiology B ,
    Pathophysiology A- ( I know it doesn't count towards prerequisites ) .
    I have been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2014. How about you?
  10. by   Sam2018
    Hi Vitiana,
    THats really good you been working as LPN makes you competitve student. Well i already have my Bachelor degree in biological sciences and Master's in PUblic Health. I have B's in Micor and Anatomy and A in Physiolgy. B in chemistry and nutitrion class, rest of the pre-reqs i Have A's .
  11. by   vitiana
    That's really good you are done with all your prereqs, they tend to give priority to those who have all their prereqs completed. Best of luck to you !
  12. by   pmvb
    Hi everyone! good luck to all of us! Does anybody know someone who has experienced the program? Im so nervous but excited as well.
  13. by   Simma
    I don't know anyone that went through the program, but I've heard it's pretty intensive but good and also the clinical ls hey have are very good.