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Hi! I was wondering if anyone here is currently in the EL-BSN program at Cal State Fullerton or is waiting for their acceptance for Fall '09. I wanted to know what the average accepted applicant was,... Read More

  1. by   CranialNerves12
    ohh okay, good idea! please let me know what they say!

    yeah, i go to fullerton...how about you?
  2. by   Talie15
    Ok so I called twice already and the phone doesn't even ring. It goes straight to voicemail!! I guess they don't want people calling. haha No I do not go to fullerton. I am an upper division transfer and was having issues with getting into the school because of budget cuts. I hope they still have my application. So I guess we just have to keep waiting. So nerve wrecking!
  3. by   victa88
    Letters should be sent starting end of this week or early next week so I would give it another week and a half to find out.
  4. by   CranialNerves12
    oooh okay and do you by any chance know if we are going to be notified by email too, or is it only mail. i'm asking cause i'm going out of town on friday....

    thanks a bunch!
  5. by   Talie15
    OMG!! So nervous now!! Thanks for the info!
  6. by   CranialNerves12
    ok, i called the dept and they were like...most probably in june...but maybe in july.

    ...you know what i'm gonna try and forget about it and enjoy my summer...hahahah... so far i've gotten answers from late may til july....i guess they want it to be a surprise!! haha good luck to you both!
  7. by   Talie15
    Omg are you kidding me?? I guess it wil be a surprise. But I like the way you're thinking, you're right. Let's just let it happen and enjoy our time off!!
  8. by   CranialNerves12
    stillllllllllllllllll waiting......sigh..
  9. by   victa88
    Hello, I dont mean to worry you but I got my acceptance in my email a couple of days ago. They already sent my packet out so Im not sure. You might want to try calling. Im sorry
  10. by   CranialNerves12
    no way! well, congrats!!!!!!!

    hmm, still waiting here...if you don't mind sharing, can you please tell me your stats? just to see if i even have a chance?
  11. by   CranialNerves12
    oh wait just kidding you already told me!
  12. by   CranialNerves12
    i'm hoping that they send out acceptances in batches and not all at once. i recall that you applied your first here? it's possible that they are going in chronological order. hmmm.

    as of now i wish they would just tell me...yes or no! i hate waiting so long and not knowing what i'll be doing in the fall! so scary!

    but again, congrats! so happy for youu!!!!
  13. by   victa88
    Well thank you. Hopefully you get in as well. I know it is tough waiting but im sure it will come. But im not sure how they are going to do it. You might want to call them. I know that they already have an alternates list going. Goodluck