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Hi! I was wondering if anyone here is currently in the EL-BSN program at Cal State Fullerton or is waiting for their acceptance for Fall '09. I wanted to know what the average accepted applicant was, in terms of GPA/Teas score...etc.. The wait is insanely loooong! :p

Thank you!


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Hello! Iam currently waiting to hopefully attend their program this fall. I just finished all my pre reqs last semester but applied my first year attending CSUF which was two years ago. They told us to apply our first year there so they would be able to track the progress of students a little better. Although im not in the program I have a 3.8 overall gpa, a 3.7 pre req gpa and a 87 on the TEAS. I went to the counselor and she said that I am in good standing to enter the program. You might to try going to her and see where you stand.

Thanks so much for the response! I just heard that they are accepting 35 students for the Fall rather than 48, as stated in the actual application. That is what got me worried! I have a 92.4 on the TEAS. But my GPA dropped after last semester. I have a 3.71 overall and 3.56 pre-reqs, just because of one class :( Hopefully, that's good enough! Do you know when we are supposed to hear back from the department regarding admissions? :] Thanks again!


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You were probably in some of my classes if you are applying for this Fall, that chem 200 class was killer. When I went to talk to Mrs. Pyles she said that letters should be mailed out in three weeks. Then it will explain to you to come get a packet and in that packet will be everything you will need to do up until school starts.

Thank you, thank you!

Yes, I took that killer Chem 200 class last Fall. Haha!! were you in Natasha's wed. lab by any chance? :)

Good luck with your admission, hope we both are in the program this Fall!!!!!!!!!


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No I was not, I actually took it my first semester at CSUF, I know I was kind of crazy. This was a brand new class designed for nursing students. My class was the reason why they re structured the whole class and made you take an entrance exam to get in. I believe only a handfull of people actually passed the class. I got by with a B so I lucked out. Well goodluck to you and hope you get in.

oohh wow! yeah that class is insane! haha!

thanks again, for the info! :)


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No problem, I know how hard it is to get any info out of the nursing office. They are not well organized in my opinion. I demanded to talk to the counselor since they seem really adamant about not letting you see her. But hopefully everything works out and hopefully we get to start this fall. Goodluck to you.

Yes, I totally noticed that. Like sometimes I feel I'm bothering them by constantly asking them questions, but they never EVER reply to my emails, so i have to go to the dept. to ask them. oh weeeell.

:) thanks.

hey! have you heard back from the nursing dept? AHH THIS WAIT IT KILLING ME.

I check my email ALL the time hoping to hear back...anytime now...:)


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hello! I am also aplying for the fall 09 semester. Have any of you heard anything from the school? Have the letters been sent out yet?

nope nothing yet. i wonder if they are going to email us about it....

do you know how many students are going to be accepted? i wonder what gpa/teas score is considered good....haha the wait is way too long!

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