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    Currently I am taking Survey for Chemistry II, A&PI, World Literature II, and MicroBio w/ ALL the labs. Is this too much? People have told me that I will have to read ALOT and taking all those sciences can cause a loss of my GPA. I have a couple days to decide whether I want to drop a course.

    If I do decide to drop, which course should I drop? The reviews people have submitted online about this certain A&P prof are horrible. He has a 1.6 rating on Rate My Prof. I know many people who made C's in his class. The easier professor is offering A&P 1 this summer.

    In addition, what are some courses I can take to my my transcript even more competitive?

    Thank-you for the help!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would drop A & P 1. If you can avoid a bad professor, by all means do so. I always use ratemyprofessor & it hasn't failed me once. Just take A & P in the summer. For your other question, I recommend taking a CNA course & becoming licensed as a CNA because that will make you more competitive.
  4. by   queserasera
    If you can handle the load go for it and if you have to drop something I'd say drop world lit so you can spend the time you'd be reading in that on sciences classes OR drop the class that the teachers rating isn't good and get a better prof next semester.

    I will also say this about rate my professor, if the professor has a 1.6 from over 50 ratings, it's a pretty solid chance he's not a good professor. If there is only 10 ratings, I wouldn't stress too much, could've just been disgruntled students who weren't good in the subject and rated him poorly. Best example is the Anatomy & Physiology professor I'm taking now had a few bad reviews because and I quote "You wouldn't believe this guy, he expects you to learn the material on your own, you can't pass this class without having to study, worst ever." What.
  5. by   x_factor
    If you drop a course, I would drop A&P and take it in the summer with the professor who has a better reputation. Sometimes a professor can make or break a GPA, not because a student refuses to learn the material, but because the professor is impossible to please. I also agree with Zoe, get your CNA certification. Even if you don't have time to work as a CNA, just getting the certification looks good on a trascript.
  6. by   ap04377
    Thanks so much guys!
    Could I have more info on CNA certification, or could one of you please reference me to a site? I agree Chelsea, this guy has over 100 ratings. If I drop A&P w/lab i will only have 11 credit hours.
  7. by   zoe92
    Usually community colleges or technical schools offer CNA courses. These can span from a couple weeks to a whole semester. I don't know if you are at a four year school or a community college, but get in touch with your local cc if you are not already enrolled there. I don't think there is a problem with 11 credits, but if your CNA course does not count for school credit, I would take either Spanish, psychology (social, child, aging) or health to make to 12+ credits. I find that these courses are very helpful, even if they are not pre reqs. Good luck!