Considering accelerated BSN-if i dont get in

  1. Hello,
    Here are my grades, I wouldn't say they are horrible but not perfect either and maybe not good enough for nursing. Nevertheless, I'll be applying for fall of 2007 because If I don't apply I'll never know if there was any possibility of getting accepted. As you can see I repeated two of the major sciences- and that is the core of my problem. Most programs don't accept more than one repetition.

    1. Anatomy D-B+
    2. Microbiology D-B
    3. Physiology B
    4. Chemistry B
    5. Statistics A
    6. Intro to Psychology B
    7. Developmental Psychology B
    8. Abnormal Psychology A
    9. Intro to Sociology B
    10. Diversity in Society (sociology class) A
    11. Speech B
    12. Freshman English A/B B/B+
    13. English 103 B
    14. Critical Thinking B-
    15. Ethics B
    16. Humanities A
    17. Nutrition C+
    18. Religion C

    As a back up plan I applied to UC's and State schools- because im considering getting a Bachelors and then pursuing an accelerated BSN. However, I don't have any idea what I could major in. I was considering Psychology- but there is not much you can do if you don't have a masters...I love the health I was hoping you could give me any other areas I can explore. Something that can help in nursing...Anyone out there doing an accelerated BSN??? If so, what is your bachelors degree...Please any advice would be helpful..thankyou!
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  3. by   MB37
    You don't say where you live, and of course whether you get in or not depends very much on your school's requirements. I have applied to the accelerated program at USF in Tampa. My first degree was a double major in psych and history, and you're right, you can't do much with just a BS in psych. I'm a bartender. However, even if you don't choose psych nursing, there are psychological issues to deal with in every area of a hospital. Hopefully finishing up your degree will also raise your GPA so you'll have a better chance. At USF the cutoff is lower for the accelerated program than for upper division admission, because there are fewer applicants and it's harder to maintain an astronomical GPA after 120+ credit hours (cutoff is about 3.4 vs. 3.6+). Every school is different though. Good luck!
  4. by   Megsd
    I can't really think of a great major to complement nursing. My BA is in Spanish, but I was in my junior year when I decided to go into nursing, so I figured I may as well finish my degree since I was so close to being done. I'm in an accelerated BSN program and most of my classmates have biology or exercise science degrees and failed to find a job in those fields. I would go with something you're interested in so you will be motivated to do well in your classes and raise your overall GPA (assuming the schools you apply to look at that). I don't know what the GPA cutoff was for my school. I know over 100 were interviewed (don't know how many were cut before that) for 24 spots, so the odds are really better than in a traditional program, but the workload is more intense.
  5. by   lc3
    I have not started my accelerated BSN program yet, but I was accepted into 2 accelerated BSN programs. My first degree was in Psych, and I guess my Psych degree was helpful for me. I guess its what you make of it really. I didnt have any trouble finding well paying jobs with my psych degree before applying to schools and I think it really gave me an edge in applying to nursing school. With my psych degree, I had the opportuntity to work in psychiatric mental health and healthcare. So, I am all for pursuing a psych degree AS a STEPPING stone for Nursing.

    Other good degrees, will be something like Speech and Hearing sciences, biology, social work, and communication. A degree that deals with the human body, interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills and problem solving would be ideal.
  6. by   joyfulgal
    Hi, I too am accepted into an accelerated BSN program which begins Aug'07. My BS degree is in Health and Sport Sciences. This is area of study has many different options. It can focus on "health sciences" or "sport and exercise sciences". It looks as though you have already taken many of the prerequs for a degree in that area. Check it out & Good LucK!
  7. by   fleur-de-lis
    My first degree is in business and I am halfway through an accelerated program. If you struggled with the concepts in the classes that you did poorly on the first time around, I would not recommend attempting an accelerated program. You absolutely cannot imagine how challenging it is and there is not time to not "get it" the first time. If that is the case stick with a full-length program. If on the other hand, the lower grades were a result of not applying yourself (like mine were in my first degree!), then go for it, but know that you will have to apply yourself 100% for the entire length of the program.

    I hope I do not come off as being harsh - I wish someone had given me a reality check before I applied to this program. I did ok with my first degree, but like I said did not apply myself 100%. I had straight A's in my prerequisites though and knew this would be challenging, but thought I was prepared. Well, I have all As and 2 Bs, but I have worked my @$$ off for it.

    I'd be glad to answer any accelerated BSN questions you have, feel free to PM me!