CNA plus other science classes

  1. Just wondering if it would be too hard to take th CNA class, A&P II and microbiology in one semester? I have friends who say the CNA class is not hard and I should have no problem doing it all.

    Any other opinions?? I have to sign up soon and don't know what to do!!! I have no healthcare experience so I think it will help me later in NS.


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  3. by   Irene joy
    I don't think I would ever in a million years take all three at once. Both those sciences are difficult classes and too do it with a cna class would be too much in my opinion. Do you have any other pre-requs to work on for the nursing program, like eng101 or psych? That seems like it would work okay. Good luck with whatever you do!
  4. by   xt1
    I haven't taken Micro yet but A&P is fun and interesting but does require lots of your time for studying. Last think you want to do is fill up your schedule and find yourself not having enough time to study.
  5. by   lisabeth
    I will be taking Micro and a CNA class. I hope it wont be too bad. I think I will be able to handle it fine, cause Microbiology will be on Tuesday night only and the CNA class is only for 3 weeks.
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  6. by   Sk8rbug
    Thanks for the feedback!! The class is closed at the college I wan't to take it at anyways! The only pre-req's I have left are the micro and A&P II. Oh well! There's always Fall 08 while I am waiting to get in the NS!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Irene joy - where are you in the northwest? I grew up in Shoreline, WA!
  7. by   Irene joy
    I'm in tacoma. Our CNA classes are 12 wks, I can't believe everybodys times are so different, Iv'e heard 3,6 9 12 weeks. Weird!
  8. by   Sk8rbug
    My dad lives in Tacoma! The CNA classes at a Comm College are 12 weeks long. But I have heard you can do them in a few weeks - it's an all day class for like 2 weeks!
  9. by   lisabeth
    I feel much better about the CNA class. I just bought the book and looked it over, and a lot of it is a review of A&P. :spin: Some of it is kind of like a clinical situation, so that part will be new to me. I really am looking forward to it.
  10. by   jenb5972
    I start STNA in Mt Vernon, Ohio and I am taking evening class. 2 weeks of classroom and 1 week of clinical. I am nervous..I did this 15 yrs ago so I am sure that things have changed.
  11. by   fritz agnes
    The CNA class was a breeze and only lasted August 12 to Oct 24 here. It was 2 days a week 8-4:30. Not really any homework to speak of involved. You may be able to pick one up mid semester. Or get on the waiting list if they offer one. You can do it.
  12. by   maureenlynn
    I'm in a CNA class right now. It is only 3 weeks long, but it goes from 9-4 Monday through Friday. We also have 4 clinical days from 7-2. I had my first 2 clinical days this week and LOVED it. It's a rough class and the chemistry class that I'm in has kind of taken the back burner to it because of the amount of studying required, but I just love it. Passing the CNA state test is a pre-req to get into the nursing program at my school. I guess it all depends on how the class is laid out at your school. I don't think you would have problems taking the other two classes. It may be a stressful semester, but once it's done you'll be that much closer to getting into the nursing program! Good luck!!