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  1. What exactly is the responsibility of this position. There are alot of openings for these positions at a few of my local hospitals. Since employees of these hospitals get seats in my local CC nursing program I thought about exploring that route

    Thank you
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  3. by   arpeggiated
    The exact details are of course specific to each facility, but CNAs provide basic nursing care, and assist with ADL's (eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, ambulating, etc).
  4. by   dorselm
    I am a new CNA. I work at an LTC facility. We have 3 shifts, 7-3:30, 3-11:30 and 11-7:30. We get 2 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch break. The 7-3:30 is my usual shift and it is very very fast paced. I have 10-11 patients that I have to get up, make sure they get their breakfast and then have them bathed, dressed and their room cleaned before lunch time. While their eating breakfast, I have to stock the linen cart with enough towels, washcloths, hospital gowns, briefs(diapers), wipes and bed linens. I then put a towel and couple washcloths at the end of each pts bed. I try to see who wear pull ups and who wears briefs so that I can have these ready also. After they all eat, I have to pick up their breakfast trays and put them on the cart. Then I have to get the sheet that shows who is having a shower that day, who is going to physical therapy and who has morning doc appt. These are the patients that I prepare first. Next, I have to see who can sit up and bathe their upper body. Hopefully they and their roommate can do this. If so, I run the water to get it hot, we pick out the clothes they want to wear, pull the curtain in the room shut and get the pts undressed. The first thing I do is put on their brief or pull up and their pants and socks and shoes. I pull up the brief to their ankles while they sit down and wash their face and upper body. I alternate between the two roommates if both can do their upper body. If not, I pick two people who can do their upper bodies and alternate care on them. Once their upper body is done,I put on their shirt or gown. Then I get on my gloves, wash their front and their bottom, put on protective cream on their bottom if applicable and pull up their clothes. I then have an emesis basin and a cup of water and their toothbrush and toothpaste ready so they can brush their teeth. While they're brushing their teeth, I make their bed, take out their trash and their dirty linens. Then Ihelp pick out clothes, bathe and clean the room for the people who need total care. Once they're all done, It's time for lunch but usually I'm so slow that I never get a morning break nor do I hardly ever go to lunch. Once everyone is bathed and dressed, its usually lunch time so before the lunch trays can be passed, I have to clear out the garbage can and dirty linen carts out of the hallway. I then bring the lunch tray cart to the hall and pass lunches. I also feed thoses who cannot feed themselves. Then clear lunch trays and change briefs of those who are not continent. Next, I empty the foley bags of those who have cathethers and record their output. I also answer call lights. Sometimes, you can spend a while in a patients room depending on what the issues are. Later, if I have time, I chart all the daily activity for the patient and continue answering call lights and changing patients. After lunch alot of the patients want to be put back in bed so I have to put them in bed also. I don't know what the responsibilites are in a hospital but I know alot of CNA's get trained to change wound dressings. We don't do that where I work.
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    Dorselm, wow! I just went to work with you for a day! You described that in such visual detail I really felt like I was doing the work! This question has been asked several time in the CNA board but never has anyone given such a detailed answer--THANK YOU. I'm in CNA training right now and was kinda wondering how it all came together but you just completely showed me. Can I ask, what do you like and dislike about your job?
  6. by   Mom2J&B
    WOW, thank you for such great detail in your response it was greatly appreciated.
  7. by   dorselm
    I dislike...
    1. inappreciative pts who can pick up the phone, dial a number and talk but can't spread a packet of mustard on their sandwich. Or who have you come in their room at 9 to bathe them and they tell you to come back later when they are ready.
    2. Being short staffed and having to take on even more work
    3. Co-workers who hang in clicks
    4. having to smell poop all day
    5 having to clean poop all day
    6. poop getting on me
    7 listening to phlegm in someones throat who has a trach
    lifting or transporting patients.
    8 Not having team work

    I love.....
    working with some of the patients. they are so adorable and even though you can't always understand what you're saying, they are so sweet and appreciative of you helping them...
  8. by   Bella Donna
    Dorselm, I am also a cna and I agree with all your likes and dislikes. I am on board 100%. One thing you did not mention though is the Very unappreciative and honary family members as well. I do homehealth so I am in the patients house and so I have to deal with the family as well. I begin nursing school in April, and I am trying to decide rather to continue trying to work while attending school or not. Any advice would be very appreciative to help me make my mind up and help me make my decision.
  9. by   Talulah117
    What a great thread! I like this one. I'm an LNA too at a very understaffed facility (we have 35 residents per wing....and 2 aides!!! :smilecoffeeIlovecof ) One of the things i hate most is when you get a nurse who will spend 15 minutes locating you, find you and another LNA in a room trying to deal with an explosive x-large very loose BM on a 300-lb resident....only to say "umm yeah Mr. L in 305 would like his snack now, if you could get right on that" and then she has to walk right by the kitchen to get back to her cart. Lovely...
  10. by   marilynmom
    Well, it is a *hard job* and most of the time I dislike my job (NOT the patients!). I float all over the hospital so it is good experience. I work my ASS off and come home beat. I'm also in a BSN program

    What I do:
    -vitals (which isn't as easy as it sounds at times)
    -cleaning poop all night long
    -ambulating patients (some who weigh 300+ pounds)
    -Input and Output on all patients
    -empty surgical drains and measure
    -assisting those who need help to the bathroom
    -dumping out buckets of poop and pee
    -changing pads
    -cleaning vomit
    -I spent some time the other night chasing a gnat around a patients room (don't ask me why)
    -change sheets (that usually have poop or pee or blood on
    -restraining patients
    -peri care, especially those with Foleys
    -help with new admits
    -Lab spec collections and delivering to lab
    -bladder scans
    -anything else the nurse wants

    There are some areas in the hospital that are wonderful to work in as a CNA (OB, ICU, ER, Peds), other where it is plain horrible. I really enjoy most of my patients though, it is the other aids that can be downright horrible, a lot will not help you at all--some seem to have it in for aids who are also nursing students, some of the nurses won't help. It can be tough at at times. I work in an *excellent* hospital and there have been times that I have left work in a fantastic mood and others where I have left almost crying.

    CNA's do fantastic and very important work. I will NEVER forget my work as an aid (or tech is how we are called) when I am an RN. Their work is amazine and it takes a special person to be a CNA, some people spend their whole hospital career as a CNA and love every second of it.
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  11. by   Talulah117
    basically as a CNA you work your a** off! But it can be such a great job, you really grow attached to your patients/residents.

    On a side note, i was reading a topic back on the main page, i think its called "what do you do when your CNA's wont work" or something like that. Basically some of the nurses on there are just CNA-bashing talking about how we never work, etc, etc. Someone on there actually referred to us as the "dregs of the healthcare system"!!!! :flamesonb that really ticked me off.