Choice of 2 different courses

  1. Hi
    I'm mid-30s and have only done office work.
    I'm looking into studying nursing in either Ireland or Spain.

    The costs are roughly the same. I know no one has studied nursing in both countries but, what is your view from the 2 courses below, and from your experience talking with nurses who went through either system?

    The university in Spain is a private one and is flexible on admitting people without previous experience in healthcare and without prerequisites (subjects studied in highschool, like biology). Also, it does not have placements until year 2.

    Ireland Course

    YEAR 1
    Safe Health Care Practice 1
    Natural Sciences for Nursing/Midwifery Practice
    Learning to Learn
    Foundations of General Nursing Practice (year-long)
    Introduction to the Social Sciences of Health and Illness
    Older Person, Chronic Illness and Community Nursing
    Specialist Nursing and Maternity Care
    Safe Healthcare Practice 2
    Foundations of General Nursing Practice (year-long)
    Clinical Placement 1

    YEAR 2 -
    Musculoskeletal Nursing
    Cardiovascular and Respiratory Nursing
    Psychosocial Aspects of Nursing and Health
    Mental Health in General Nursing
    Natural Sciences for Health Professionals (year-long)
    Gastrointestinal and Hepato-biliary Nursing
    Neurological and Endocrine Nursing
    The Research Process
    Natural Sciences for Health Professionals (year-long)
    Clinical Placement 2

    YEAR 3
    Renal and Reproductive Nursing
    Palliative Care
    Ethical and Legal Practice
    Evaluating Research
    Clinical Placement 3 (year-long)
    Civic Engagement
    Management of Obesity and Diabetes
    Applied Pharmacology for Nurses

    YEAR 4
    Research Proposal
    Nursing the Acutely ill Adult
    Leadership and Innovative Management for Nursing Practice
    Clinical Placement 4
    Clinical Internship

    Spain Course
    Year 1
    Anatonomy & Physiology
    Psychology I
    Theorical And Methodological Foundations of Nursing
    Anatonomy & Physiology II
    Psychology II
    Statistics And Information Systems

    Year 2
    Prevention and Control of the Disease
    Clinical Nurse I
    Social Doctrine of the Church
    Introduction to Clinical Nurse
    Clinical Practicals I
    Health Legislation, Nursing Management and Administration
    Clinical Pharmacology
    Clinical Nurse II
    Public Health and Nurse Practitioner I
    Clinical Practicals II

    Year 3
    Care of the Clinical Ill Patient and Life Support
    Life Cycle I
    Clinical Nursing III
    Special Care I
    Clinical Practicals III
    Life Cycle II
    Public Health and Nurse Practitioner II
    Life Cycle III
    Special Care II
    Clinical Practicals IV

    Year 4
    Instrumental Sciences in Nursing Research
    Practicals in Specialized Care I
    Final Year Project
    Practicals in Specialized Care II
    Practicals in Primary Care
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  3. by   Extra Pickles
    Hello! I think you'd probably get the most useful information if you posted these questions in the World Nursing forum, this one tends to be very USA-centric.

    A consideration to mention before I go is that you should be careful about requirements for licensing in whatever country you wish to practice nursing. Are you certain that an education in Spain allows you to get a license in Ireland, and vice-versa? Neither of those routes will allow you to practice in the US without jumping through many hoops, which is of course possible but often proves costly and time absorbing. Just something to think about while you're researching your options. Good luck.
  4. by   Irishlad
    I'm from Ireland.
    Thanks the the advice re forum to use.
    Spanish qualifications are recognised in Ireland, although some hoop-jumping is necessary (irish nursing regulators process applications very slowly).
  5. by   Rionoir
    The one in Spain sounds like it's less picky and I'm assuming would cost you a lot more - so I don't see why you would be considering that unless you can't get into one in Ireland or something? A lot of people in the US pay a ton of money for the easy route, but I don't recommend it. And if I'm wrong about my assumptions then disregard.