Chemistry Worries

  1. Hi, All: I'm 48 and have it in my head to go back to school for my BSN. My first degree is a BA in English. I am enrolled in Chemistry and STRUGGLING. I will be LUCKY to get a C grade. The director of nursing at my school explained that even if I get C (required) there is no guarantee that i will be admitted to the program. It's highly competitive. She's saying I really need to get an A or B. For me, I do not feel this is possible! So, do I throw in the towel now? I'm worried to invest a full year of Chem and Bio and approx 9K only to get Cs when Cs don't seem they are good enough! Thanks for any and all words of wisdom! Jen M
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Hi there. I will be very short. If you seem to freak out about the coursework right now, think about the level of rigor the nursing school brings! I think if you truly desire to be a nurse, you have to do everything it takes to get those good grades! Have the faith in your abilities, and stop worrying about your age. Age is just a number and it does not define who you are. Think positive, and do not think about the time and money you invest as waste.

    Lastly, C is not that bad. But, you have a few options: you can retake it and get at least a B, or you can relocate and apply to a school that is not that competitive and you will have a better chance of getting accepted with a C.

    P.S. Are you looking into ASN or BSN programs? BSN programs tend to have higher GPA requirements.
  4. by   PartyTheNightAway
    I found the key to being successful in chemistry was doing a TON of practice problems. There is still time to bring your grade up! Dont give up now!
  5. by   jess.mont
    Two things - why would one year of school cost $9000? Please consider finding a less expensive school.

    Also. biochemistry is truly an important foundation for A&P, which is a foundation for pathophysiology and the rest of the scientific aspects of nursing. You need a strong grasp on the basics si that you can truly get the entire picture. Please consider figuring out what is making chemistry so complicated for you and work on it if you need to get your grades up to be competitive.

    Best of luck to you.
  6. by   hurricanekat
    Chemistry is just the beginning... you will need a good foundation in biology, A&P, and math to get through your pre-reqs. Pharm is not an easy course to get through either. The question is why are you struggling? Are you not putting in enough time or effort because you are distracted? Do you not understand and need a tutor? Chemistry is hard but it is a nursing fundamental. I won't say that your journey is impossible because it isn't - but it is hard and you will need to work through all these hard courses (they will be easy compared to actual nursing school). All these courses build on each other and they are all important.
    Programs are highly competitive. Sometimes in order to make the cut you really do need an A or B in the course. If you can move then you might be able to find a program with less rigorous requirements. The simple truth is - if it was easy everyone would do it. If it feels impossible - its because you don't want it bad enough. You have to look deep within yourself and figure out what your motivation is... if you want to be a nurse - you will be. A chemistry class won't stop you from your goals.
    I wish you the best of luck...
    PS - age has nothing to do with it... I'm 45 and my pre-req GPA is currently 4.0 (microbiology may change that for me). Its not easy - I spend A LOT of time studying. I work, sleep, shower and study. I listen to lectures while I drive, I have note cards in my order taking book while I'm waiting tables, I freeze my meals for a month at a time so I have something to eat. I have 3 jobs so I can save money now and not have to work once I get into school. It boils down to how badly you really want it and what sacrifices you are willing to make in order to get it.
  7. by   JMat121
    Thanks so much for your input. I'm looking into a BSN program, but will check out ASN as well.
  8. by   JMat121
    Thank you!
  9. by   JMat121
    Yes about the price. As of last night I'm looking into Community Colleges - half the expense. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. by   JMat121
    Thanks so much. I think that's the question I must ponder: What is my motivation! Thanks for taking the time to write and share your perspective. : )
  11. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    I also recommend practice questions. If you are assigned "odd" problems, do all the "even" as well. Buy a book of practice problems when you run out of the ones in the book. I personally reached out to a friend who had taken the professor I was planning to take and she gave me some amazing advice on what to expect from the course and the professor. As I know C's can make it difficult to get into a program, I would also recommend retaking the course. Just with your school first to see which grade they will consider or if an average of both will be taken.

    Aside from doing practice, practice, with your professor to review old exams. Start to try to find trends between where questions come from (lecture, powerpoints, textbook, etc.) and what goes is on the exam. Really try to figure out what you are or are not doing that can be changed so you see a better grade. Live in the professor's office hours, get a tutor, form a study group, and attend any SI (Supplemental Instruction) opportunities that arise. Explain each step of the problem out loud to yourself as you do it and try to stimulate as many senses as possible while studying (chew some minty gum while studying and the same gum while taking the exam). Check out Khan Academy, Crash Course, and other youtube channels with chemistry related help.

    Hang in there! Chemistry is tough, but you can get through it.
  12. by   JMat121
    Thanks so much for the tips and encouragement!!! I appreciate it!
  13. by   algae1492
    I went to tutoring multiple days a week when I first took chem. Now, i'm in graduate school and have a strong understanding. Consult with school tutors.
  14. by   dasrob666
    That's excellent advice... I'm 41, and have a b.s. in music, i scored all A's & B's in my pre-reqs for nursing.
    I'll be taking the entrance exam in the Fall....
    My point is, it's so true-- do EVERYTHING you have to to earn those grades.. I lost my confidence early in my 1st semester, and almost LOST IT... However, i put in every ounce of myself into my studies.. and it worked.
    Self confidence is a MUST... Good luck to all..