Chemistry has got me down

  1. I just had my 2nd break down of tears within 3 days, because of CHEMISTRY. I hate to admit it, but I was actually considering changing my major because of this class. Its Chemistry I, and I really didn't want to take it in a summer, but this was the only class that was holding me back from applying to the nursing program. I will only have Micro and Physio after this. Anyhow, wow, this class is going so fast and I feel like I am getting further and further behind with what I need to know, and we just got to acids and bases, yet I am still trying to grasp how to do things from the previous few chapters. I am passing this class , but , now I am stressing about how, if I can't grasp this stuff, how am I going to grasp the nursing program material? How much Chem do nurses really need to know? I worry that not having a solid knowledge of chem will affect me later in nursing school, or as a nurse.

    I can't be the only one who has had these struggles and thoughts as the result of a difficult prereq. Im just looking for feedback from others who have experienced this.
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  3. by   Simplistic
    I honestly wouldnt worry about it. My school didn't even require chemistry as a prerequisite and their NCLEX pass rate is 90%. I never needed it in any of my nursing classes. The thing that I would worry about, however, is that youre having a hard time keeping up. Science classes during the summer are a good example of what regular nursing classes are going to be like.
  4. by   shibaowner
    Chemistry is the bane of most prenursing and premed students, so you are not alone! Hang in there. Look, you can always take the class over again if you have to. I went through the same thing as you - took chem during the summer and got C's and D's on my exams, but I did do well on my experiments and lab work. I studied like a maniac and managed to pull off an A on my final exam, to the amazement of myself and my professor! (I ended up with a B in the class). I also had to retake 2 classes - anatomy and microbiology - and still got into a top nursing school. Most reputable nursing schools do require chemistry as a prerequisite. You will need to know basic chemistry for nursing school and to be a good nurse. Nurses have to understand metabolic acidosis versus alkalosis, for example. In addition, you need to understand some chemistry in order to understand pharmacology. Again, you are not alone. And there is no shame in retaking the class.
  5. by   Applejack
    I felt the need to update... I think I was just feeling overwhelmed and expecting myself to learn quicker than I was, BUT, I passed with a 94 . I. Am. Stoked.

    I think every school here in my area requires Chem so there was no away around it (Our school has a 94+ rate, although I don't think it makes a difference with chem and the pass rates) I learned quite a bit from the class though, and after going over the teas study manual last night, I knew most of the chem question..another huge plus. It's such a huge relief! It made anatomy seem easy to me, yet I pulled off a B in that one. Next is physio...I am going to take Micro separate
  6. by   G019
    Chemistry was hard for me as well. It felt like a foreign language to me. I started watching chemistry videos on YouTube by a professor named Tyler Dewitt. It saved my bacon lol. He broke it down in a way that was easier for me to understand. I'm a visual learner.

    Don't give up the fight! It's one of those courses you just have to make it through, if your program requires it.