Cellular bio background for A&P I ??

  1. So, I had my first A&P I class last night and the teacher gave us a 1 hr, 100-question test to test our knowledge of the prerequisite biology courses, which counts for extra credit. I got an A in Human Biology at Harold Washington College in Chicago, but definitely failed the prerequisite knowledge assessment test. It was bad! Most of the questions were detailed cellular bio questions. Am I screwed because I didn't take the general biology prerequisite (bio 121) for A&P and took a survey of human bio instead (it's an altenative prereq for the A&P I class)??! I took AP bio in high school 10 years ago and did well.... not that that will help me now. How much do I need a general cellular bio background for A&P I? Also, has anyone taken A&P I at Harold Washington without taking Bio 121??
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  3. by   zoe92
    Personally, I think you should be fine. Giving an assessment test the first day is a little intense (my professor just did a review chapter) but at least it's only for extra credit. I had a horrible general biology professor (taught myself & passed with a B) and was still able to pass A & P with a B (and a harder & more compentent professor). Just study hard & go to any open labs.
  4. by   SampsonSis
    Thanks zoe92. I guess it's just the physiology part I'm worried about without having as detailed a cellular background as the other students. I will definitely be studying my butt off. The good thing is I *might* have a leg up on the basics of A&P already after having taken the human bio survey course last semester. Anyone have any recommendations for a good general bio crash course book that might come in handy as I prepare for A&P??
  5. by   queserasera
    I also had a really horrible general bio teacher and same as zoe passed my class with a b from teaching myself. I think that if you're worried get the "getting ready for A&P" book by lori K garrett and just go over that.
  6. by   HouTx
    I'm sure your instructor administered the pre-test so that s/he could use the results to establish a baseline for teaching purposes. It's an indication that your instructor is trying to focus on student needs - very positive.

    Normally, cellular biology is covered as part of A&PI.. in an intro section, reviewing cellular structures & transport mechanisms - then it is also revisited in each subsequent section. For instance, when you focus on the blood-brain barrier, you'll review the cellular structures that create that 'barrier' and how they function.
  7. by   SampsonSis
    HouTX, I am sure you are right about that. I hadn't considered that the teacher would give us the assesment to est. a base line for how to teach/approach the class according to students previous knowledge. I hadnt thought of it that way before but it does a lot to temper my fears.

    I am really excited about the class in general, so thanks for the perspective!