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Hello, Anyone out there going to apply to either LA Valley College, Glendale CC, Pasadena CC or Pierce?... Read More

  1. by   vivasmom
    For what it's worth, one of the senior members of this site who is a local posted the following message on one of my other threads(emphasis mine):

    For excellence in education and professors and instructors exemplifying kindness toward students, patients, and each other I know Glendale Community College is supurb.
    I know a fine RN graduate of LA County. Pasadena has a good reputation.

    I just know from the students zI work with and graduates who are excellent nurses that my top choices would be Glendale and Mount St. Mary's.
    And Glendale is much less expensive.
  2. by   Jenpea71
    Has anyone heard anything about LA Valley College? That is where I am taking my pre-reqs. It is a tiny bit closer to my home than Glendale.