BSN: Need Help Choosing What School to go to!!!

  1. Hi Everyone! We all know that nursing programs are very hard to get into now a days... I tried for a whole year to get in and I finally got accepted to 2 out of 4 that I have applied to. I am very conflicted on which school I should choose if I do end up getting accepted to all.
    I need to make a choice based on where I will get the best education, financial aid/tuition, and location.

    I currently got into Dominican University of California and Samuel Merritt University. I am waiting on CSU Stanislaus and SJSU. If any of you who are already in these school's programs can give me your feedback/insight on how you like the program and what you wish you had better in your program please let me know!

    Yes I have gotten into two great privates but the decisions on these options I have will be a tough one. Definitely a blessing of a struggle!
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  3. by   Vicki17
    From your post it's hard to tell what you are using as a criteria. I know from other postings that people who went to a CSU really loved it. It is very competitive and much cheaper than private schools. So, if money is an issue, if you get into CSU Stanislaus or San Jose then I would do that. But then there are other things to consider. Do you want to be close to home? Do you live with parents? How much of a loan can you take? Only you know these things. Also you can do searches like "best nursing schools in California" and the CSU's are right there in the top 10. I don't know where Dominican or Samuel Merritt stand, they may be great as well. But perhaps researching, talking to former students from each or making more specific posts on this forum with the names of the schools you are considering and asking students how they like their program. Or better yet, former students and how they found the job market after graduating. I'm still waiting to hear if I've been accepted anywhere, but no one else answered you in two days so decided to chime in. Best of luck in your decision!
  4. by   LoDo
    I don't personally know what SJSU's nursing program is like, but I did my prerequisites there and ended up transferring. I didn't really like the school environment and I didn't feel well supported by the faculty/staff or my peers. I know that it's different when you're in the program, but SJSU's overall environment was not my favorite and I ended up with some very low quality professors!