BSN accel. NP what are differences and schooling

  1. Hello...can someone tell me what is involved in BSN accellerated did the two yrs RN 1st then the 16 months for BSN or 16 months for the 4 yrs in two. What about NP..what schooling do they require? What about a nurse anesthetist? graduate degree requires what? Thanks for anyone that can give me information.:yeahthat:
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  3. by   justme1972
    A BSN accelerated program is usually for students that already have a Bachelor degree in another field, or already have an Associate degree in Nursing as an RN. How long it takes depends on how many general education classes you need to take and if you go summers varies with every school.

    A nurse anesthetist is a program that you typically enter after you have so many years of practice (some programs don't require it at all) under your belt and then you go to learn the anesthesia part.

    NP programs vary...I have seen some programs where it is taught as a Masters degree only, and then I have seen just this week where some RN's have a NP certification and only have an Associate in an RN...I'm still researching on how that works.
  4. by   Multicollinearity
    From what I have read, the only RN's with associates degrees working as nurse practitioners are those who got licensed this way many years ago, and they have been grand-fathered in. I don't think anyone can become a nurse practitioner without a master's degree now.