Brookhaven email?????

  1. Did anyone get their e-mail from Brookhaven today?
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  3. by   mustangmona
    I have yet to receive my e-mail. I'm very nervous about it too!!

  4. by   coolpeach
    I am going crazy....I don't know if they just didn't send yet, or if I didn't make it in. The app points email on the 31st came at 1am so I have been waiting for 13 hours now. I wonder when we should give up the ghost so to speak
  5. by   mustangmona
    That's weird. I got my points e-mail on Oct 29th. 2 days earlier than what I was supposed to. Maybe they have until tonight to send the e-mails out. If I don't get anything by tonight I will assume I did not get in!
  6. by   jla623
    Don't worry, I haven't heard anything either. I talked to ### on Friday and she basically told me that I was in and to expect an email, but I haven't heard anything!!

    I was swearing up and down that they lost my application!!

    Has anyone called??
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  7. by   mustangmona
    I haven't called. I also noticed that the nursing website is currently down right now also. Good Luck to all!
  8. by   coolpeach
    The web site has been down for 3 days. I called about 1pm, but I just got a voice mail.
  9. by   jla623
    Yeah it has been down for a while. Since last week I believe.

    I wonder what the deal is.....I am basically going crazy over here too. Here are my theories:

    1. They are waiting until the end of the day so they won't have to deal with any phone calls.

    2. They are having issues wtih the applications and possibly haven't finished choosing the top 40.

    3. They are evil and they are trying to torture us.
  10. by   coolpeach
    I have been leaning toward #3
  11. by   mustangmona
    I say #1.
  12. by   jla623
    Haha yeah I think it's #3 too!!!!

    Let me know when you guys hear something! I will post on here as soon as I get an email, if I get one!
  13. by   jla623
    Haha okay well I ended up just going up just sounded like a good idea. She told me that they are STILL waiting on the final list. I have no idea what on earth is taking so long, but she said that we should find out that means there is a possibility of us not hearing until tomorrow.

    I also asked her about the points and she said that most of them are in the 20s, but there were quite a few in the teens even.

    So, it turns out it was theory #2! We all lose!
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  14. by   coolpeach
    NO......Tell me more. What else did she say. I have 22.71, and was thinking I might not make it because it was so low. OMG