book to keep: physio or micro?

  1. Hi. So fortunately, I was given some money from my school to spend for books. It is solely just for books but I get to keep it. The problem is I can only pick one. For the other one, I will much likely loan, meaning I have to give it back by the end of the semester. So here's the question, which is worth keeping, physio or microbiology book? I want to keep it for future reference or if ever one of my friends need it.
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  3. by   bluescrubs16
    Buy & keep the physiology book - loan the micro.
  4. by   kdmf12
    Quote from bluescrubs16
    Buy & keep the physiology book - loan the micro.
    Thanks for the speedy reply. Can you pls tell me why?
  5. by   texasgirl22
    Physiology. You can't fully understand why the body ISN'T working right (pathophysiology) if you don't have physiology down. I've looked back at my physiology book many times. very useful information. Now my micro book... I haven't touched it since I took the class.
  6. by   wannabe81
    I would find them both cheaper and buy them both, and then sell them both when I am done because I hardly crack open a textbook after I am done with the class. Look at to find the lowest price for your books.
  7. by   NurseGirl525
    I rented my micro and kept my A&P. Not to loan anyone else, just for my own reference when I am in nursing school.
  8. by   CDEWannaBe
    Micro is good for overall knowledge but it won't be a book you'll have to refer to often once you're in nursing school. Anatomy & Physiology of the human body is something you do need to understand and need to contantly refresh your memory on through school. So keep the Physio book.
  9. by   kdmf12
    Thanks for the awesome replies! Yeah I might keep the physio book since I did keep the anatomy book from last semester. Thanks!