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Fantastic Anatomy display... It is at the Science Museum of Minnesota through 12/3/06. ( Read More

  1. by   CaseManager1947
    This is the most amazing exhibit ever... I went to it in Denver this summer. Took my 14 y/o grandaughter in with me, she loved it also. Very educational and totally fascinating, especially the ones showing normal vs. abnormal pathology. So cool!!
  2. by   MiaNJ
    Quote from PARTYATMARIOS
    I am also looking for a promotional code. I really want to see it but since nursing school has started it has sucked every dime from wallet, bank, and credit. Broke as a door nail.
    I'm not sure if they have promotional discounts now. When I went several months ago, they gave me a student discount, which was $5 off.
    But recently a friend went, and they told her that they no longer are offering student discounts.
    The ticket is not cheap, $25, but worth every penny in my opinion. I think it's going to be there until the end of the year though, so maybe you can save up until then? You definitely should not miss this oppty since they may not return for a long time, if ever. They travel around the country and will probably go to a different state.