Being rejected with a perfect score, is it normal? - page 2

I was rejected by a local college ADN program during this month with a high score of 90 points according to the school's multi-criteria screening system. I don't want to mention the school. I just... Read More

  1. by   neogirl
    Apply somewhere else. I can imagine if this school is going to give you such a hard time that perhaps as you move along in the nursing program that they would have more issues.
  2. by   babychickens
    Waiting to get into nursing school was one of the most humbling times of my life! I quit my job, telling everybody I was "finally going to apply to RN schools" only to wait another year and a half to get in. I got rejected the first time, started working on plan B and C, and eventually got into my 1st choice! My point is, it's tough out there...for everybody. What I hear in OP's post is a lot of time wasted on hypothetical scenarios like the competency of their IT department and the fairness of life in general. First of all, life isn't fair, right? I assure you going to great lengths to expose the faults of the school, to the school, will not endear you to them. Just keep trying!! And I don't know how far away any of these schools are from your houses but I'd say if they are less that 2 hours away carve out a day, well in advance of the deadline, and go see them in person. Bring your hard copies, they will have THEIR submitted digitals on their side and you can humbly, gratefully, and cheerfully go through each together. The school's secretaries are your pal! In fact now that I'm in cliinical the RNs tell me the unit secretary is my homie. Makes sense. Don't start off on the wrong foot blaming that person because I guarantee they will lose something again. Be humble, be humble, be humble!!!