Baylor University Fastbacc 2018

  1. Hello all,
    I applied to this program within the first week of it opening. I looked at previous articles regarding this program and there was a fairly quick turn around between the submission of the application and the interview process. However, since I applied very early, I am freaking out from the anticipation of it all.

    Is anyone else like me so far?
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  3. by   OStateAlumn
    I haven't applied, but plan on doing so around the second week of September! I'm glad you started this for 2018, I'm pretty sure it's the only one so far! I am a little anxious about the whole process so I hope this helps!
  4. by   trhodes
    I haven't applied yet either, I will be completing my last prereq class mid-october and will finish my application then! I'm very anxious as well!!
  5. by   calvalencia
    Update: From the time that I applied, it was approximately 3 weeks until i received my interview. I am now waiting to hear back from the school. Not sure if I will hear by mail or email?
  6. by   smb1993
    Hi all! I'm applying too. Currently working on some prereqs. Do we have to have them all done by the application or do we have until the day classes start in May?
  7. by   smb1993
    Never mind, answered my own question. Was going to the program overview page. Whoops!
  8. by   jjess17
    Has anyone heard anything from them? I had an interview in August.
  9. by   calvalencia
    I'm in the same boat. But I believe they said like the first half of October, that we should hear something?
  10. by   MsB->RNToBe
    Hi all! I'm about to submit my application. I'm finishing up some prereqs, just missing both religion courses. I'll probably take those in the spring before classes start.
  11. by   kayywinn
    Hello, Guys.
    I am also applying for the May 2018 Fastbacc does anyone know the acceptance rate of this particular program. I'm super nervous. I have my interview in a few days.
  12. by   kayywinn
    Does everyone that submits an application get an interview ?
  13. by   calvalencia
    I believe that everyone gets an interview.
  14. by   alexloch
    I applied in August, I interviewed on 9/01/2017 and I received my acceptance email this morning! Anyone else hear back?
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