Associate versus Accelerated Bachelor Degrees

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    I am interested in applying to several nursing schools in the NYC area such as Phillips Beth Israel and NYU. However, I am not sure whether to apply go for an Associate or Accelerated Bachelors Degree. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology, and have completed per-requisite coursework for nursing.
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  3. by   melc0305
    Since you already have a BA, you could look into accelerated BSN programs. This will get you a BSN in the same time or maybe less than your ADN would take. The difference is usually cost. ADN programs are attractive because they are usually less expensive and take less time than a traditional BSN. Depending on your location (not from NY so I can't judge), facilities may be more or less likely to hire based on whether you have BSN vs. ADN.

    There are many threads on AN that discuss this. If you do a search, you can find lots of pros, cons and opinions on both routes. Good luck.
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    BSN Would be a better choice. Hospitals in my area are requiring a BSN within 5 yrs of hire. Spending the money on a ADN and then have to spend money later to get your BSN may be more than just spending a little more now and get your BSN in the same amount of time as a ADN.