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  1. The school I am applying for awards extra preference for those having backround disadvantages. I have been trying to work on this part of my app. for a week! I always feel like I am "whining" when I write about bad experiences. My mother was killed when I was 6, I was raised by an alchoholic father(who himself did not receive a high school education) as the youngest of 7 children, and was the first to attend college in my family; but aren't there so many more people who qualify for "disadvantaged" points more than me?

    So, my heart is not in it when I am trying to write about why I may qualify for an extra edge on my application. At the same time, I desperately need any advantage I can get. How do I write about my experiences without sounding like I am feeling sorry for myself?

    Thank you all!
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from cincin1
    How do I write about my experiences without sounding like I am feeling sorry for myself?
    I think you just wrote it in your post. My school does not have an essay or give points for disadvantage circumstances, but some organizations giving out scholarships do. Some scholarship applications include an essay, where I have shown how I have overcome and endured rather then sounding like I am asking for sympathy.

    Write your story in a way where you enforce the facts you have written here. Be sure to show that despite disappointments and challenges life has thrown at you, you have succeeded at [fill in the blank]. That way you are not writing to get sympathy but you are writing to show that you are strong and capable of meeting and exceeding expectations.

    By the way, I have worked with kids who have had similar backgrounds to you (or worse) and I am always impressed with the positive attitudes some have about his/her goals and the hard work they have put in to succeed. From experience you may know that MOST kids with disadvantage backgrounds repeat the cycles of violence and abuse as well as low education attainment, which keeps him/her impoverished. Thus, overcoming your circumstances does not make you a dime a dozen.

    I liked your post and I am sure your admissions committee will too! Take care and good luck.
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    I just wanted to say that I tip my hat to you. I don't think you sound like you are feeling sorry for yourself.. you overcame a lot.. maybe you can speak about what caused you to go in this positive direction. Was it a mentor? Teacher? Your siblings?

    Great job!!!!
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    You know, that is a great tip. Thanks for taking the time to give me your ideas!