Anyone going for their RN part time, while working full time?

  1. I thought I was losing my customer service job (moving overseas) so I WAS going to get unemployment but was just offered a better paying job in another dept. (making over 2 dollars more than I was). Couldnt pass the job up and risk not getting much on unemployment.
    Now I am thinking of going for RN part time basis.Which will take about 5 yrs. While working fulltime (Im 30yrs old, married, no kids). Anyone going part time and working full time? How has your time management been?
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  3. by   The Dreamer
    I work 40 hours a week while taking part time prerequisite classes needed in order to enroll into my local nursing program. While some classes are pretty easy, the ones that need more attention, such as the sciences, completely drain me. I am hoping I won't have to work full time once I get into the nursing program - I'm not sure I'd survive! But I know there are plenty of people that do it!
  4. by   mickjordmoll
    ME!! I'm getting ready to start on June 29th. I work a M-F 40 hour accounting job and a weekday morning/weekend 10 hr a week LPN home health job. And I will begin a Part Time Evening/Weekend RN program.

    I did this for LPN too.. worked the same 2 jobs (only as an aide for the home health). It took twice as long and I was exhausted and had NO social life, but if you want something really bad you will do whatever you have to do to make it happen.

    I will be glad when the next 18 months is done. But it will be totally worth it in the end.

    Its hard but it can be done!!
  5. by   GooeyRN
    My mom works FT at a college and PT as a nurse. She is busy, but happy.