Anyone else taking on-line courses?

  1. I've registered for the fall semester. I'm taking Intro to Computers and Applications, Human growth and Development, Modern Social Problems, and College Eng. II...all online. I've never taken an on-line course before. I'm wondering if ayone can shed some light as to how these work. Are there specific times I need to be logged in? I'm wondering how the testing is done?
    I'm hoping these classes will be easier than the Bio, and Anatomy I & II. I'm looking forward to staying in my PJ's all day. Both my children will be in school during the day, so I've set out my block of time for each class, I'm just not sure how it works? Any thoughts?
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  3. by   krenee
    Yes, I've done all my prereqs online except one. And I've seen threads on this before here, so I know everyone will tell you the same thing . . . self discipline, self discipline, self discipline! DO NOT get behind! You will be sorry if you do ! It sounds like you have a plan (scheduling time for schoolwork). The classes themselves usually have a schedule set up for you. Just stick to that and you'll be fine. After taking my one in person class, I really love the online classes for their flexibility (and yes, working in my pjs!) but it is harder to stay on track. I take the exams when the schedule says to, ready or not. I've gotten behind before because I didn't feel like I was "ready" for an exam, and that just gives me LESS time to study for the next exam . . . it's a downward spiral.

    Only one class have I had to log in at certain times. Generally that's not the case.

    The testing depends on the school. My dh took online classes, and their tests were done from home, open book and timed. At my school, I go to the testing center at the college to take them - at my convenience (but of course only when they're open!)

    Good luck, I hope you enjoy online learning!

  4. by   DaughterofRuth
    A lot of how online classes works depends on the structure provided by your school. I've taken several online classes - College Algebra, Eng Comp, Psych and Soc. The Algebra class aside, each basically had a rigid schedule with multiple deadlines per week. Usually some sort of written assignment that had to be submitted every week along with required participation in online discussions via a class bulletin board which meant you could post at any point prior to the deadline, not a scheduled time-specific chat. Testing was done online with Mid-Terms and Finals completed in-person on campus in the testing lab.

    To succeed in these classes you must organize your time well. Falling behind should be avoided at all costs because it can be a nightmare to catch up.

    Algebra was a different breed entirely. The entire class was self-paced. We were provided with an outline, given a list of suggested problems to master in each chapter of the text, and one homework problem to submit on a weekly basis. The only tests were the Mid-Term and Final, again to be taken on-campus in the testing lab but we could take them at any point in the semester. Many students registered for both this class and the next, finished it by the mid-point of the semester, then moved on to the next. That way you could knock out two math creds in one semester.

    Good luck to you in your classes!
  5. by   suzy253
    ...and make sure your nursing school accepts online courses for pre-req's. I've seen students take online courses only to find out that the school of nursing didn't accept them.
  6. by   ally21
    My school uses webct for their online courses. So far I've taken: Intro the Health care management, History, Developmental Psychology, economics, Marketing, Keyboarding and Medical terminology. I have an AS degree in business administration now so that's why I have business classes thrown in there.

    Online classes aren't so bad if you are able to stay motivated and on top of things. It's easy to fall behind and difficult to catch up. The classes take more time and effort in my opinion than an in class course would take. I think they're good if you're able to learn on your own and don't need a professor around to explain stuff in detail.

    The online classes I've taken haven't been so bad. There are class discussions and we're able to email the professor when we have questions. The quizzes and exams are usually online, but they're timed. I've noticed the questions are more detailed probably because the instructor realizes you're going to crack your book open. However, a few of my classes had it where we'd take exams at school or they'd mail us a paper copy of it.

    I don't think I'd want to take math online because that'd be way too difficult. Good luck with your courses and hope you'll enjoy them.
  7. by   IaCountryGirl
    My classes are on WebCT as well.

    You should recieved information in the mail from the instructor prior to the start of class. Read it over carefully and note any requirements. Some instructors require a daily log in and others do not.....IME, all of mine have not but I know a class I'm taking this fall, daily login will be required.

    SOme tests maybe open book and can be taken from home. Others you will have to go to the testing lab. Find out beforehand if you have to bring anything if you have to go to the lab! I once took a night off to complete two tests for the same class only to find out once I got out there that I had to have a computer disk- the instructor did not tell me this nor was it stated in ANY of the information I received from her. The testing proctor told me it was a common problem with this instructor.

    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get behind. It IS a nightmare to catch up, take it from me. I got behind once. Never again! If possible, get as far ahead as possible so in case you do get sick or something happens where you need time off, you will have it built in.

    Download all assignments the first day and read through them. I say this because I have had some assignments that required several days worth of work and you don't want to download them at the last minute.

    I keep a folder on my desktop labeled "Devin's assignments". Any thing I download from the classes go in there as well as my finished assignments. It makes it a breeze to upload files.

    I have heard of some classes having a chat room at specific times but from what I've heard from most people, they have the message board style like I do. These can be answered at any time of day, have no due date but you'll want to keep up. Depending on the class, the discussions can get quite fun if not heated at times.

    Have fun and stay ahead. I love online classes!
  8. by   insa
    The first comment I have has been made already, but it bears repeating: don't get behind!

    Second, I too am blocking time during the day to study while my son is at preschool. If your experience is like mine, you'll find that it's amazing how many things crop up during those four precious hours! Last week, the preschool was flooded and closed for two days, for instance. So remember that the best laid plan never survives the start of the battle! The flexibility of online classes is great, but you'll definitely need it!