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Don't know if I'm just having a bad day or what, but I'm really starting to doubt if I can do this. I've been thinking about going to nursing school seriously for the past couple of years. I've... Read More

  1. by   reipie
    YES YES YES! I always doubt myself and am trying hard not to. I am in my first semester of pre-nursing and I feel like I m going to fail or not make it in...I hate that feeling. Please know you arent alone and I hope that we all start to gain the needed confidence in ourselves.
  2. by   bubbies
    YES, I feel like that every day!!!. I'm 47 and a single working mom who wants to be a nurse and I question whether I can do this all the time...

    Don't give up, you can do it if you really want to. If God wants you to do this, then you have to believe that you can get through it. Hang in there!

    Quote from wannabenursetx
    Don't know if I'm just having a bad day or what, but I'm really starting to doubt if I can do this. I've been thinking about going to nursing school seriously for the past couple of years. I've researched the field, spoken with nurses, asked questions ad nauseum:chuckle, prayed about it, you name it, I've done it. I'm due to start my prereqs for my ADN this summer. 95% of the time I feel confident about my decision and can't wait to start, but it's the other 5% of the time that has me so bothered. Is it normal to have these fears and doubts? Or is someone trying to tell me something??:uhoh21: Maybe I'm overanylizing this, I don't know. I'm not afraid I'll get into it and not enjoy it, I'm afraid I'll get halfway through and not be able to make the grades. I've been out of school so long (over 20 years) and I know this is part of my fear, but I'm really scared I won't be able to do it. Anyone else feel like this?
  3. by   Cococure
    i too am a bit intimated by going into the nursing field..i did the same things you did spoke w/ everyone under the sun who is a nurse...prayed and they prayed some more. I was most overwhelmed when I did the CNA (Certified Nursing Asst) program and it came on to clinicals and i got to work w/ patients at the hospital and the nursing home. i know i don't do nurse stuff but i was scared stiff because i was so scared to do basic patient care i began to ask myslef can i do it? can i really be a nurse? but by the 5th day of clinicals i felt comfortable and a tad bit more comfortable w/ myself and talking w/ the other nurses about my fears made me feel better. Try not to over analyze school and i don't think it is going to be a very pleasant experience from what i have been told anyway...but join a study group great way to learn and socialize and i'm sure it may seem less intimidating.

    Good luck
    Ps I start school full time this summer i am eager & scared all at the same time
  4. by   nrswnabee
    wow, just what i needed....thanks, to y'all. you don't know how encouraging your posts are to me....unlike most of you, i am waaaaaay far from becoming a nurse. i just started getting all my documents together to apply for admission to an adn program. (i am a foreigner) first degree (from my home country) may allow me to get some transfer credits but i bet these will just be offset by the dreaded pre-reqs like chem, micro and anatomy. i'm totally clueless about these subjects!!! add to this is the fact that it's been years since i last went to school....i read other threads where they are worried sick if they'd be accepted to nursing school...and they have 3.5 gpas??? i thought...what am i getting myself into??? i was the type of student who just got by with passing grades not because i didn't study well but because that was what i can do. i do expect that getting into the program will be as difficult as staying with it.....and this is only the beginning.

    worries be gone... i wanna be a nurse!!!