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I just got my letter tonight, and am very excited! First day of class is May 21. Has anyone else gotten accepted?... Read More

  1. by   CelticNurseChicago
    Hi guys,
    Well it looks like to wonderfully organized system at Loyola has reared its ugly head. After I submitted all the paperwork they requested, jumped through all the hoops ie: immunizations, uniforms delivered, etc....they decided the grade I received in a class wasn't good enough (even though I retook it with an A) so they disqualified me from the program. Good luck to all in the ABSN prgoram. I really wish I would be with you.
  2. by   buchkova
    how come? I thought that once you pay the deposit and you are IN, no way back? tell me more please!
  3. by   ChocoCakeRN
    very sorry to hear that celticnursechicago, but i wonder if you can refute that decision. As you worked hard and have been following deadlines, it sounds so unfair that this happened to you!! You should be able to have a say in this as well!!
  4. by   yuyu75
    Hey! Could one of you read my post "confused about Loyola" and reply!!! Thanks alot!
  5. by   goirish
    Hey guys!
    I'm just finishing up. The summer session is pretty intense because you have pharmacology and pathophys at the same time. Definitely manageable though. Just don't expect a lot of beach time! I actually found the fall session much more stressful (not intending to scare you). If you put your mind to it you will definitely make it through just fine!
  6. by   ChocoCakeRN
    hey goirish, do you have any advice on the textbooks? should we purchase them? do you have any that you would like to sell?
  7. by   goirish

    I do have some textbooks I'm selling, but they're already up on
    I would DEFINITELY suggest buying your textbooks online, it's much much cheaper. I'm also keeping a lot of my books for reference in the future. Some of the books were completely pointless to have and I didn't use at all.

    Definitely no need to buy the book for the Leadership course (in the Spring). I never even opened it. Also, you really don't need to buy any of the Research books (also the Spring). I never used that book, and she asked us to buy an APA book for one exercise...I just went to the library and used theirs.

    Other than that I would suggest buying the books. I know some people who got away without them or by sharing them for some classes (such as Peds), but I did use my books for the other courses and like I said before, if you know you'll be going into that specific subject area it's a good idea to have some sort of textbook on it.