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I just got my letter tonight, and am very excited! First day of class is May 21. Has anyone else gotten accepted?... Read More

  1. by   dazzy2007
    I am applying for ABSN 2008. Could you tell me about your experiance reagarding admission process in detail? did u had any interview? when did u apply and when they informed you about acceptance?What are they actually looking for in students? do they look for experiance??

    Quote from Trigirl
    I just got my letter tonight, and am very excited! First day of class is May 21.

    Has anyone else gotten accepted?
  2. by   sonanurse
    I think the admission process is pretty straight forward...I had 2 recommendation forms, an essay to write, did the online application, and submitted transcript. Just make sure you submit ALL your official transcripts or that'll delay the review process. Last year, the deadline was Jan 15, so I submitted everything by then and found out the first week of March.
    I had no experience in healthcare before I got here. I think they do look at your resume, your school grades and essay. I had no interviews. Good luck!
  3. by   dazzy2007
    Thanks ericha for your reply. Can you tell me what was your GPA? How many students they take every year? Did you take any exam?
  4. by   dazzy2007
    did you had a BS degree or you already hold Masters before getting in?
  5. by   pixie_434
    I just got in!!!!!! Yay.. It looks like you guys started this May but my excitment moved me to post. : )
  6. by   Crouton2004
    Good for you!! I am waiting to hear as well although I was told they would be reviewing my application starting Jan 10. I know they are doing rolling admissions...I just wonder how many spots are left....
  7. by   staw
    I received my acceptance letter this evening. I'm so excited to start. Good luck to all those who are still waiting! Hope to see you this coming May.
  8. by   ufblondi
    Is it too late to apply for 2008? I went to their site tonight to start everything, but all the dates are still for the 2007 starting class. Then, when I went to fill out the transfer application that they require they said the deadline is oct 1?! but the nursing site says Jan?! I'm confused.
  9. by   Crouton2004
    The deadline was October 1. You won't be able to apply for 2008 but have to wait for 2009. Sorry
  10. by   ddtd1992
    Is this an online program?
  11. by   Crouton2004
    I got my acceptance letter today!! I look forward to meeting you all in May.

  12. by   CelticNurseChicago
    Yeah! I'm in too and just joined this site. I'm excited, nervous and would love any feedback from anyone who has attended or in it now. I'm a single mom, and no spring chicken! So, any tips on how to survive would be great. See you at orientation!
  13. by   buchkova
    Hello I guess we will be classmates
    I'm Gery, nice to meet you..
    I've read very contradicting opinions about the ABSN program how do you think, will we get through?