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Hi, I don't post much but this has gotten under my skin. I am in a Spanish class (to satisfy my humanities req) with a girl who is an LVN. She graduated from a different community college LVN... Read More

  1. by   RedSox33RN
    In fact, the teachers at this school may NOT know what is going on with care plans and clinicals. Things change, including curriculums, so this woman should learn to keep her mouth shut unless she has current up-to-date information on the curriculum at a school she does not even attend! Sheesh!

    People have bad-mouthed the college I attend. It is expensive (about $20K a year) so people rag on that, Catholic, so people rag on how students have to take religious courses, and is big (over 600 nursing students in programs from ADN to ARNP) so people say it's not personalized, which I couldn't find further from the truth.

    I love my program, and that is what matters. I don't care if Susie Creamcheese heard from Joe Schmo that it was a bad program. Unless you have been IN a certain school's program, you don't know, even with supposed "first" or "second" hand knowledge of such.

    What irritates me, though I let it roll of me more now that I've been around it for a while, is that people think because I'm attending a Catholic college, I have a problem with those attending a technical school for their ADN. Nothing could be further from the truth! I did a LOT of my pre-req's at a tech, and would have done my ADN there if the waitlist was shorter. There is one tech I wouldn't have gone to, but that was because of some policies I didn't agree with, not the school itself. But I'm sure there are 4 year colleges I would have not attended for similar reasons.

    In the end, being able to advance my degree, passing the NCLEX and feeling confident as a new nurse are what is important to me. I look around the floor where I work and I really don't CARE where any of the nurses got their education!
  2. by   mitchsmom
    I would be tempted to say "Wow, are you serious? That's funny, because I have heard that the instructors at your school are really unprofessional, that they even go around gossiping to students about other nursing programs."

    But really, who cares? If you are happy with your choice then don't even listen.