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  1. by   learningmom
    I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I encourage all you to condition your body before and during school. Nursing will be like a mission. We are all in this together.

    We should train physically and mentally before entering this challenging field. Nursing students are warriors on a path to helping others.

    How to we train mentally? Well we surround ourselves with powerful positive things and set a good belief system than enables us instead of disables us.

    We will be the advocators of health and fitness might as well live up to our own standards...or attempt.
  2. by   walke274
    learningmom, your immediate advice to me to take care of my body and get into healthy habits that will help me once I'm in Nursing school, etc, are like you've been reading my mind! Even though I still do not know if I've been accepted to my BSN program or not, I've been maintaining positive thoughts as if I already have been accepted and have basically planned out how I will spend extra time in my life these months before September rolls around -- beginning healthier habits. From reading a lot of the threads/posts on this website I've become accustomed to thinking that I will not have a lot of free time once I'm in Nursing it is important to develop healthier habits that will feel like second nature during the stressful semesters of Student Nursing.

    That is awesome that you are a CPT!! It is so true that we pre-nursing/nursing students need to practice what we preach!
  3. by   boricuarn23
    Yes i am in the same boat as everyone our letters wont go out til mid March and it will take 4-6wks. Good luck everyone just focus on your classes you are currently taking now.
  4. by   dsb_fam
    Well I am in the "you are Alternate #5" boat. This means that I waited the agonizing weeks to hear that I might get to go to nursing school if someone else drops out. I just need to wait.....wait.....wait. So here I wait and everytime the phone rings my heart accelerates. Of course I found out that they have 4 who chose not to take their spots. So, I am the next one called for a program that begins in May, if someone else can't make it.

    My husband thinks that I should go sit and wait in the nursing department by the secretary so that I can remain up to date with all new information. This is his attempt at humor. So....haha I deal with this stress by cleaning, organizing and I love to run. So I'm doing a half marathon in a month.
  5. by   Jlm1206
    Quote from SARITA101
    I am also waiting to hear back! i'm so nervous, excited and anxious at the same time. Cant wait to find out the outcome, i have all of my futue plans on hold. It all depends if I get in the program or not....
    Me to! My future is riding on whether or not I get in! I'm so nervous.