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I just got my acceptance letter today! All of the prereq's behind me and a new career ahead of me. I'm currently a teacher and am a little nervous about stepping back into full time school from the... Read More

  1. by   krissyr
    I graduated from an ADN program in December, passed the NCLEX in February, and am now in the midst of a very discouraging search for a job. Every job posting says "No new hires" and/or at least one year experience required. I live in the North east but am searching in all areas of the country for a job. I wanted to get a job as an aid in a hospital while searching, but now that I'm an RN, they will not hire me as an aide. Any suggestions on what an RN can do to gain some experience while searching for a job. And possibly get a foot in the door for any potential jobs? Thanks!
  2. by   phoenixnim
    I'm currently a data specialist and will be making the move to full time student in January 2014. My boss already knows as my position is a long training and he knew I was going to school and was eventually going to have to go full time and he asked for as much advance notice as possible once I got my acceptance into my transfer school, which happened last week. I'm really lucky that all of my colleagues are very supportive of my career change, so it wasn't a big deal to tell them this far in advance.

    My worries are the normal ones... money. lol I'm a single Mom. I'm hoping my child support along with student loans will be enough to balance everything out. I'm lucky that my BF owns his house, so no mortgage to worry about. Just need to chip in for groceries and the needs of kids clothes, etc. I have faith it will all work out, but yeah, after being a full time worker for the last 15 years, it's going to be quite a change.
  3. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Career changer--I'll be 36 this summer. Was sort of aimless after college and ended up working in finance as an executive assistant, worked my way up the ladder pretty quickly but the job made me miserable. On call 24/7, working in a boys club high in sexual harrassment, no boundaries or respect for my personal life - was often expected to wake up in the middle of the night to answer emails. The trade off was making really great money...can't lie, I'll miss that part.

    I've been taking classes one at a time for six years, finally finished them all, applying for Fall 2013. I'm really worried about how I can spin the last ten years since I'm obviously making a huge jump (I do have medical experience, but it's from high school and recent volunteer work). I also worry a lot about being the oldest one in my classes. I was older than the prof in many of my prerequisite courses! And I'm lucky that my husband is employed, but I was definitely the breadwinner, so we're going to be making due on less for a while.

    Every time I read this out loud I worry that I'm making a huge mistake, but staying in my current line of work isn't an option and I've worked so hard for this!
  4. by   Maustin
    You definitely won't be the oldest! I am about to turn 43!! :-)
  5. by   vettechtoRN
    Hi everyone!! I just signed up for school last wen! My first career was animal nursing. I love my job but sadly I am at the top of my profession. I love medicine so I chose to go back to nursing school. Its going to be a long road but Im not in a hurry.
  6. by   vettechtoRN
    oh and I am 36
  7. by   tri3mom
    I turn 40 this June & I will be pinned with my ADN in August. I am a single mom of two, one with a moderate neuro muscular disorder. I have spent the last two years living off of minimal child support, SSI & student loans...not to mention subsidized housing. This is not the way I intended to live, as this is my second college degree & profession, but I put my schooling & children's needs first. I know that this is temporary, so I don't let it get me down. As Dave Ramsey (a Christian financial expert) says, "Live like no other now, so you can live like no other later." You just have to focus on the goal & you will make it happen. I am soon done. When my children start their next school year, I will be an RN! Looking back, it seemed to go so fast...this semester is even going faster than others. One more left!!!
  8. by   Toddysmama
    I worked in casinos for 15 years and am gong to nursing at age 41. Just finished prerequisites and am applying to programs.
  9. by   SopranoKris
    I am 43 years old and just finished all my pre-reqs in December. I have applied and am just waiting to find out if I'm accepted for either the Fall 2013 cohort or the Spring 2014 cohort. I won't know until the end of April and the wait is absolutely killing me!!! I sure hope I'll be joining all of you in the Fall 2013 nursing program.

    I left behind a 17 year career and while it's scary to start all over again, I know I'm doing the right thing!
  10. by   Rlee1
    Well i will join this party at age 51. I am going from a cabinet maker to a nurse, providing I am accepted. I should know this week sometime. I have a flexible boss but still am anxious about becoming a part time guy with a part time paycheck! I have a good GPA, all my pre- reqs and a great pax score. Credit wise the asn program I hope for is not too time consuming, still a big change for an old carpenter.
  11. by   kelzfuturenurse
    I am 26 yr old and I have been a dental assistant for 3.5 years. I am a single mom to a 10 month old but get a lot of support from my mom and grandmother. I am applying to start in Fall 2013 with only microbio and developmental psych to take summer session. I figured I would get NS out of the way while I have the support of my family.
  12. by   tournerviolet
    I am going to be 29 years old. I have my first degree in Communications. I spent 6 years working various media jobs in New York, including Vh1 Mobile, NBC Local, and ELLE Mobile. While it was fun, I felt like I wasn't contributing anything valuable to society. Two years ago I got certified to teach yoga to children. That lead to be quitting a cushy job at a mobile media agency and getting a part time job at a natural parenting store while teaching my classes. Then, I had a realization that I needed to figure out a career with my new found passion. I thought about going into nutrition so I could offer kid's fitness and nutrition, but was quickly talked out of that and into nursing. Nursing reaches more people and of course I could make more $$. So here I am. I have been used to a dramatic salary cut, but going into a full time accelerated nursing program means no income at all. Relying on scholarships, student loans and my savings ahhh! I am excited about this decision though. I have gotten experience in the field by volunteering and I really have done well in the pre-reqs (like surprisingly well). I eventually want to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. However, I am still waiting to hear back from the two nursing programs I applied to for Fall 2013! Nervous!!
  13. by   pattylee1122
    I have been out of the forum for a while. But I got your message and I can't respond or inbox until I become more active. I hope this works. I am still researching OT, nursing, Speech Pathologist, etc. due to my back problems.... I took a 5 wk course on General Chem in the summer but had to withdraw. I have to start on the pre-req's again and maybe do Chem last! haha! I really don't like having doubts about nursing - I want to go for it IF I know I can handle acute care physically as an entry level nurse - I know many nurses with back issues have done it. People warn me how physically demanding nursing is and it's true.... However, teaching younger children is demanding too.