Any Business Major Grads turned Nursing out there?

  1. Are any of you recent college graduates who have a Bachelors in Business?? I've seen so many posts in the prenursing boards from science/tech majors, but haven't really seen any business people.

    Just wondering if there's any of you out there and how you're managing?

    I just graduated with a BS in Business and minor in Health Care Policy & Management. I was ready to have a career in health managment, but after working internships in offices, I KNOW that I don't just want to work in management, I want to be a part of health care as a nurse.

    What sucks is that I barely have any of the pre-reqs for nursing since business classes (aside from gen eds, math/stats) are as far away from nursing as you can get.. so I'm basically trying to volunteer and cram too many courses into my fall semester schedule at a community college in Virginia so I can apply to nursing school in the Spring 2013 cohort... ahhh...
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  3. by   Charloth03
    I got a AAS in business administration and have only 2 semesters left to get my BAS in Business Management. I was laid off and decided to pursue my real dream of becoming a nurse, I will start taking my pre requisite classes this Augost.
  4. by   Nursing2102
    Don't feel discouraged though.... you could have pursued nursing after getting a BS in Criminal Justice like I did which couldn't be more non-related to nursing.

    Just take the courses you need and you will be on your way. Nothing happens over night..... don't always try to take the short cuts. And if you feel like you are cramming too many courses together just to get them over with, you can always drop one if it is too much for you.

    Good luck with whatever you do!
  5. by   GoldenDomer63
    I earned a BBA in Finance and Business Economics. I had no problems whatsoever with the science prerequisites and gained admission into a highly-ranked BSN program for Fall 2011.

    I started my prerequisites in Aug 2009 and finished in December 2010; however, in order to achieve that feat I took two science courses a semester as well as eight credit hours during the summer; I basically went to school year round. It is a lot of pressure too; the nursing programs are competitive and you need to get the best grades you can in your science prerequisites. I felt I had to earn an "A" in every class to be successful. But that is what works for me.

    Take your time...maintain a prudent class sense in busting through the prerequisites if you are only going to earn average grades. This is not a is a marathon. There will be just as many ADN/BSN programs available to you in twenty-four months as there will be eighteen-months from now.

    The bottom line is it doesn't matter in what discipline your previous degree was, or where you worked; it is about having the desire and dedication to persevere through the bad days and self-motivation when the doubts start to creep in your brain.

    You can do this no have the experience of a four-year degree behind you, which is more than most people with whom you will be taking prerequisites will have. Lean on that experience and it should serve you well.

    Good luck!
  6. by   carnival31
    I have my BS in finance and computers and my MBA. I'm 29 and just wrapping up my pre-requisites now. I dont see my business degrees as a complete loss because my MBA will help me down the line if I decide to get into hospital management. Im applying to an accelerated BSN program here in NY that takes 12 months to complete. Im very excited for this new journey. Good Luck!
  7. by   iridescence89
    Thank you for all your advice and encouragement! Good luck to everyone!

    Goldendomer63 and Carnival31, if you don't mind sharing, what caused you to make the pretty drastic career change from business to nursing?
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  8. by   carnival31
    For me: Ive come to HATE sitting at a desk all day. At the end of the day, I never really "feel good" about what I do. Projects are non-stop, and really never ending. I'd much rather be on-the-go all day, being physical. I have many nurses in my family that I have talked to about my career change. I know everyday is not going to be great as a nurse, but that's with any job. The opportunity to help and assist someone in their most vulnerable moments is what drives me. I quit my job in February (80K) because I wanted to dive in and focus on my pre-reqs. I dont have a family to support or a mortgage, so I can swing it. Im waiting tables now, doing my pre-reqs and for the first time in a while really enjoying my summer.
  9. by   staceym
    Well, I didn't graduate with a business degree but I did graduate with an English degree so I had/have to take all the science prereqs. I got a job right out of college and started working for an oil company at a desk job. I, like Carnival, hate the desk job! I appreciate the job I have bc it pays my bills and allows me the freedom to pursue my classes at night or go part time as needed but try not to overload yourself. I've generally taken 1 hard class at a time, with this semester being the only time I have taken 2 sciences together. In order to compensate for that, I am only working part time and preparing myself for a very busy, studying-filled 4 months. And on top of it, they are my last 2 classes which makes it all the more worth it.

    Hope that helps a little and good luck!
  10. by   JROregon
    B.S. in Bus. Admin 24 years ago and used it well from retail management to insurance claims management. I think I took a biology class nearly 3 decades ago and really didn't show up to class all that much. The only classes that I did not have to take prior to applying to my nursing program was a writing class, speech class, and history (tested out of math). I really enjoyed taking all of the science classes - like wow, why did I avoid all this stuff years ago.
    We have a few prior degree people in class and all have degrees unrelated to healthcare but just having that bachelors degree helps with the critical thinking required to do well on tests and in the clinical portion of class.
  11. by   GoldenDomer63
    My experience is similar to that of carnival31. I got tired of doing the same repetitive reports, projects, analyses, presentations, etc and not being challenged from a mental standpoint. I really wasn't utilizing my technical and critical thinking skills in a way that produced immense personal satisfaction. So I resigned from my position and registered for prerequisite classes at a community college. People don't really understand the transition I made. I was compensated very well and lacked for nothing in a material sense, but gained no personal satisfaction whatsoever from my job; if one is not happy in their position then the money is immaterial. But what better way to spend the remainder one's life than to play an active role in changing the arcs of individuals' lives? To be able to do that is definitely worth the inherent risks in changing careers.

    So now I start my BSN program in roughly ten days. I am looking forward to the hectic and dynamic pace of the hospital. I am extremely interested in being in a dynamic environment and utilizing the critical thinking skills I have acquired and developed in my previous career and looking forward to whatever challenges are ahead.
  12. by   Jacrazz
    I currently work for a bank on wall street. Im starting Nursing school in the spring...I cant tell you how excited I am. I love my boss and my co-workers but its just to unstable. Just yesterday there was an announcement about downsizing by letting go of 1,500 employees. I cant wait to finish my degree! Good luck to all as you start your new careers!
  13. by   cegodoy22
    There are schools that have a degree programs available to students that have already a bachelors degree in other areas at least here in Houston, TX. I am working on the remainder of nursing prereq's. Yes, I have heard that Nursing classes are very difficult and competitive but I up for the challenge.
  14. by   jerdav
    Hi carnival31,

    I have a MA in business and am in NY and looking to change career from business to nursing, if you don't mind me asking where did you do your BSN that took 12 months and how was it? Also was it difficult to get a job?.