Any advice for A+P?

  1. Hi, I am a pre-nursing student that is currently taking pre-reqs at a community college. We're about one month into the semester now, and just yesterday I got my first exam grade for A+P 1. I got a 58%, I know, it's bad, and I'm so disappointed in myself. It's very embarrassing, and I'm feeling discouraged about my future, and if I should even stay in the class, or withdraw from it. A large portion of the test was Chemistry that was reviewed in class, and I still haven't taken Chemistry, so that may have been part of the reason. But I feel like it was so much to remember at one time, and I'm taking three other classes as well. Does anyone have any helpful advice on how they successfully got through A+P? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ant2cory
    o to this link, hover mouse over the Anatomy & Physiology link at the top of the page, then A&P1, then A&P lectures, then Learning outlines. There is an outline for every topic covered in A&P plus some.

    This is an amazing website designed by my former A&P teacher. He wrote the A&P book we used at school and is extremely intelligent. After you look at the outlines, explore the website, you will find a lot of good information.

    Other than that, study, study, study! A&P is a difficult subject that take a HUGE time commitment. You can do it. Don't give up hope because you didn't do well on this test. Keep trying!
  4. by   ElizabethH736
    I'm currently taking A & P (separately) and so far I'm doing great in anatomy, but physiology is definitely a challenge. My professor has his doctorate in Genetics and overwhelms us with information. He doesn't teach it in a way that's easy to comprehend. I got a 79% on the first exam, but he curves every test (because he makes them so difficult that the class average is really low) so I ended up getting an 89% thankfully. I just wanted to say thank you for posting that link. We are learning about neurons in physio and your former A&P teacher definitely makes it much easier to comprehend! Thank you so much! Hope that link will be helpful to others as well!
  5. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    A & P is hard for everyone. A & P has a lot to remember for everyone. People often take other classes with A & P.

    Have you looked at changing how you study? When you study? The tools you use to study? Etc.

    Does your school have tutoring services available? Have you sought out a tutor?

    Have you talked with your professor to go over your weak areas, and get suggestions for how to strengthen those areas?

    Thank you.
  6. by   swansonplace
    For Anatomy: Anatomy and Physiology Learning Systems, go to lab and use models
    For Physiology: Anatomy and Physiology interactive cd
  7. by   INN_777
    Hi there:

    Sorry to hear about your first exam. A&P is a tough class. The decision whether to withdraw should depend on the grade that you need to achieve in order to get into the program you are applying for. If the program needs a B or higher (as many do), then speak with your professor to see what subsequent grades you will need to hit that (or do the math yourself) and see if it is realistic.

    The good news is - you will not encouter too much chemistry in the remainder of A&P I, so if that is what got you, this should not be a problem going forward. It will raise its scary head again in A&P II.

    I took both I and II over the summer and got excellent grades. Here is what I did:
    - read each chapter and then the chapter summary
    - took copious notes of lectures
    - obviously never missed a class
    - used Mastering A&P key mostly to download MP3s of chapter summaries - so I could listen in the car or on the go to further reinforce (although I have to say, this is tough material to comprehend in audio)
    - took pictures of all models and slides in lab (you can take photos of slides through the microscope) to use them to study for practicals. Also googled slides. You can even find videos on u-tube where professors walk you through certain practicals or topics, e.g. heart etc.
    - also used Kaplan A&P cards to study for practicals
    - video recorded any reviews for lab practicals that the professor gave
    - study, study, study - this was my life for 2 months (now, if you are taking it in a regular semester it might not be as intense, but if you want a good grade you will really need to LIVE IT)

    Good luck!