An AMAZING end to a horrible Month

  1. i’ve had the worst month. it started on may 20th when my mother had a heart attack. she was my second parent to have a heart attack in less than a year. she’s doing good and recovering well, but it turned me into a complete mess. from there it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. less than two weeks later i got a rejection letter from the nursing school i had my heart set on going too and assumed the other school i applied to would reject me. i bawled my eyes out for days, but tried to keep a positive outlook and started planning to reapply to both programs and every dang program in the state.

    even as i do this things keep going wrong. i still live with my parents and i’m at an age where i’m trying to be more independent and my mother is still clinging on to her little girl. this is causing a lot of problems between my mother and i and i’m positive if we lived under different roofs we’d get a long beautifully. so i went about lining up a roommate and starting to make plans to move out. unfortunately the friend i was going to move out with lost her job so out plans were thrown out the window. the day after i found this out i managed to get into a car accident strain my back, have been out of work for the past week, and did about 1k worth of damage to my car.

    needless to say i’ve been thrown into this fantastic depression. my grades have been suffering and i’ve been barely clinging on to any small shred of sanity left in me. i’ve seriously contemplated just dropping out of school and running away. last night i was seriously contemplating that when i got my rejection letter from the second school if i should sit down with a counselor and see what my real chances were of getting in or if i should just give up and change my major.

    today i got the letter from the second school. i’m not in for fall of 2007, but i’m 066 on the waiting list. the program that starts in spring of 2008 is chosen from the alternate list. from what i hear if you’re placed 100 or lower you’re pretty much in. i’ll get my official letter in three weeks! (hopefully)

    i can’t believe it! i’m actually going to be a nurse!:spin:

    i’m sorry this is so long, i just had to share!

    and to all of those who think their gpas are too low. i got in with a 3.14 and there were over 500 applicants. not all schools look at just your gpa, so don’t give up!
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  3. by   Krither
    I'm happyfor you that things are turning around!

    Yes, it is good to stay positive as much as you can because it only helps out in the end. Zeroing in on all that is not going your way is not the way to make things better!

    Best of wishes to you, casi!
  4. by   GeneralJinjur
    Congratulations on being accepted! I remember that early 20's mom/kid dynamic. It was no fun. My mom seemed to be less clingy (in my view)/worried (her view) when I would spend some time with her, either purposely staying home one evening a week to chat and hang out with her or going out with her for something we'd both enjoy, like a quilt show. Since you're going to be in school for the next couple of years, you may want to continue saving money by living at home. Good luck and I hope the coming months aren't as hard!