Am I competitive enough for OHSU Ashland Nursing program?

  1. I'll be applying to the OHSU BSN program (Ashland) in the next few weeks and would like some advice/evaluation on it.

    A&P I: A-
    A&P II: ~
    Nutrition: A
    Microbiology with Lab: A
    ENG 101: B
    ENG 102: B-
    Stats: A-
    Lifespan Psychology: ~
    Electives (Sociology): A-
    Electives (Humanities): A

    These are the prerequisites for the program I'm applying to. I'll be taking A&P II and lifespan psychology next quarter.
    I currently have a 3.65 prerequisites GPA and English is the only class that's bringing me down. English is not my native tongue and I've written a letter explaining my cultural and family background, so I wonder if the admission board will overlook the low English score. I also have a bachelors degree in biology but with a low cumulative GPA which is the reason why I am going the traditional route. I wonder if I am still competitive enough to be accepted into the OHSU nursing program.

    Also I have only one college in mind that I'll be applying to as of now but I wouldn't mind traveling and going to another school if I don't get accepted here. What other schools are there where I can get accepted with my prerequisites gpa? Thank you.
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  3. by   gere7404
    I'm in OHSU Ashland's class of 2019 -- lowest incoming GPA in my cohort was 3.71.... you might be able to raise your overall GPA with the rest of your prerequisites and the previous bachelors degree and language abilities might make you a good candidate in the admission boards eyes.
  4. by   angel0309
    I think an academic advisor or admissions counselor at this college could probably answer this best for you. You should really reach out to them! They're really helpful if you ask the right questions lol.