Advice on TEAS test results

  1. Hello...I just got home from taking the TEAS test and received a score of 82.4%, which is in the top 1/4 of all taking this exam. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and are doing well in my a&p1 course. The nursing program here requires you to have 65% or better, so I well surpassed that, but should I take the test again to see if I can receive a better score? The acceptance criteria is that they base the TEAS test 25%, total GPA 50%, and A&P1 grade 25%. Any advice would be appreciated...Thanks!
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  3. by   benegesserit
    Well, it's unlikely to hurt you to take it again, especially if you feel that studying can improve your weak areas. Beyond that, it all depends on how competitive the program is. For example, you'd be borderline at the BSN program closest to me (you'd need a few extra points from foreign language proficiency, volunteer/paid clinical work, or disadvantaged background), while you'd be almost assured of getting into a less impacted program upstate.
  4. by   amandapmct
    I am wondering if and how people prepared for the TEAS. I would probably fail 8th grade math and science if I took a test tomorrow! I need to brush up on basic math and science skills. Any advice on test prep materials or manuals?
  5. by   getyournursingon
    The ATI-TEAS website has a study manual you can purchase, around $30-$40 I cant remember exactly. The questions inside are a little harder, I felt than the questions on the actual test. There are really random earth science questions on there that do not pertain to nursing, and that is where I did my poorest. Math and English I think are the most important, and the human body science. Good Luck!
  6. by   cosyla369
    I don't think you have anything to worry about. Especially if your school only requires a 65 to apply and the fact that you have a 4.0. My school required a 74% in order to apply to the program. They used a point system using the TEAS scores and gpa and a couple of other things. I made a 79.4 on the TEAS and my gpa was not as high as yours but I got in. If you can afford it(I think we had to pay about $35), go ahead and take it again, I'm sure it won't hurt anything. They will use your highest score but I think you will be fine even if you don't. Good Luck!:wink2: