Advice needed on career pathway! includes USAF & CRNA

  1. Hello Everyone!
    This is my first time posting Should I post this in a different section of the website?

    Just to give a little background on myself~ I have just finished my Associates of Pre-Nursing degree at a community college with a 3.59 gpa. I am currently working on applying for nursing assistant jobs to gain more health care experience. I also, spend 7 hours as a nursing volunteer in the Emergency Dept. at a local hospital (I am absolutely loving it so far!). I basically have a plan that could go 2 ways but both includes enlisting in the US Air Force and becoming a CRNA in the end. Please read my plan and let me know what you think!

    Knowing how competitive applying for nursing school can be, I have been applying to every ADN nursing program in the area and as well as BSN programs of universities (also within the area).

    *If I am rejected for BSN I will go for the ADN route and join the Air Force right after I graduate. I know it might take time, but I am aiming for ICU experience during my service in the AF. I also plan on using the AF tuition assistance to pay for an RN-to-BSN bridge program. After AF, I plan to continue to build on my resume to become a competitive applicant for CRNA School. Once accepted I plan to use my GI bill to help pay for my masters.

    *If I am accepted to a BSN program at a university then I plan on joining the AF as soon as I graduate (hoping to build on ICU exp). After AF, I plan to do the same as mentioned above.

    I know that I need to build on my knowledge about how nursing in the AF works so any of your feedback, advice, experiences would be extremely helpful! Please let me know if you have any concerns of what I have mentioned. I am very open to any of your ideas and suggestions. Thank you so much more reading!
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  3. by   Luckyyou
    Military nursing, with the exception of the reserves, requires a BSN. In the reserves, you can't be promoted to Major or above without a BSN. Something to think about.
  4. by   charleneeey
    Wow, I didn't realize this. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. by   sailornurse
    I have never heard of an associate's in prenursing but I've only been in this field for 35 years, spent the last 9 teaching.
    The Navy does not take ADN's for nursing, requires BSN for reserves and active duty, if I am wrong someone please correct.
    Also, the military generally places you where they need you. I was stationed at Naval Hosp Bethesda and would not put new nurse corps officers in the ICU, even if they had prior civilian experience. As for the CRNA, the minimum one or 2 year ICU experience is just that, minimum. Be aware you will be competing with people who have many years of a variety of critical care experience, flight nurse exp. etc. I am concerned that you are not yet a nurse, have not even been accepted and yet you already have decided on CRNA. What are you basing this on? Please elaborate why CRNA interests you. You may want to post this on Pre CRNA forum in the advance practice forum.
    Also, the military will usually only pay for one degree. If you do ROTC or for example the NCP (Navy nurse candidate program for those completing a BSN) then you don't get the GI bill to pay for your Master's. At least that's how it worked when I was in 89-92.
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    Quote from Cerriwin
    Military nursing, with the exception of the reserves, requires a BSN. In the reserves, you can't be promoted to Major or above without a BSN. Something to think about.
    HI, can you clarify which military branch? Army or AF?
  7. by   Luckyyou
    According to, "The army is also the only service that will allow a Registered Nurse with an ADN or other 2 year degree to join the reserves.* All other services require a BSN or higher level of education to join the reserves." Just basing this off of quick research, I'm not military myself. Looks like there are several other threads on the site about this so perhaps someone else will no better than I do the specifics.