Acceptances for the year 2007 - page 5

Hi all, if you want to share where you have been accepted, please do so here. As for me, I am accepted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing for the January 2007 semester!... Read More

  1. by   Cherish
    Accepted for Fall 2007. Watts School of Nursing in North Carolina. Start school in 3 more months...ahh it seems to soon yet so far away.:spin:
  2. by   FLAgal14
    Accepted into FAU's acclerated BSN program that starts in May (thank goodness too because it was the only school I applied to!)
  3. by   meggers628
    Rutgers was the only school I applied to too! Talk about pressure....I am so happy for us both!
  4. by   DoveNoir
    MSJ Cincy, Ohio May 2007! Just got the letter saturday!
  5. by   Cherish
    LOL the school I applied was the only one I applied to also. So glad we all got in on the first try :spin:
  6. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    Got my letter yesterday...Community College of Philadelphia for Fall '07

    The only school I applied to also, so glad I don't have to scramble to make other plans...
  7. by   momma&nurse2B
    Accepted to University of Kansas Med. School's BSN Program...start Aug. '07. I'm in the class of '09, Baby! I've never been this excited (or nervous) in my life!
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  8. by   Cinqly
    Congrats all!

    I've been accepted to the University of Memphis's BSN program for the fall of 2007! Yay!!! I'm so happy!
  9. by   Moondance
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday to FAU's BSN program starting in May 2007
  10. by   FLAgal14
    Congrats Moondance - were you accepted into the traditional or accelerated track?
  11. by   Moondance
    I was accepted into the traditional. Congrats to everyone
  12. by   WestWingFan
    I've been accepted to Delaware County Community College (Pennsylvania) nursing program for Fall 2007.
  13. by   elby812
    I've been accepted to Florida Community College Jacksonville for the summer ADN-RN nursing program!

    Congratulations to everyone!!