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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am currently a junior enrolled at Central Michigan University and I think I want to start a career in nursing! I am planning to finish my degree at CMU and then attend Michigan State University's Accelerated Degree Program to get an RN. After that I am hoping to work for awhile, and eventually, to become an NP or perhaps a Nurse Midwife.
    What is your opinion on the accelerated nursing programs? I am worried that in a year I will not get an adequate nursing education, and yet I am nearly finished with my Psychology degree, so it makes the most sense to go ahead and finish that and then do the 12 month program. Could any of you check this program out and let me know what you think? I'd appreciate it very much.
    Thank you in advance. :wink2:
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  3. by   linzyann
    I was also considering going on after this to get a BSN, but since my end goal is to an NP, would this be worth my time?
  4. by   likatutata
    i'm in the same boat. here's what i'm doing...

    i live in wisconsin. in WI, wages are the same for people with an ADN (2 year degree) as they are for people with a BSN. i applied to an accelerated post bac program at st. scholastica in duluth, MN, as well as at NW tech college in green bay, WI. i'll go wherever i get in sooner. if i go for an ADN, since i already have a bachelor's degree, i can pick up classes online after i'm an RN and finish the RN to BSN relatively easily.

    i've heard both good and bad things about 2 year schools vs. 4 year schools vs. accelerated programs. just make sure the program is in person...uw oshkosh offers an accelerated BSN that's entirely online and the NCLEX exam pass rates are atrocious. it sucks
  5. by   Megsd
    I'm entering week 2 (whoo!) of an accelerated BSN program and so far I feel like I will be prepared when I finish. My program is 15 months long (5 quarters). I was required to have my CNA certification (or paramedic certification) to enter, so we didn't really go over skills like bedbaths much. This week we spent 2 full days in "Skills Lab Boot Camp" learning and getting checked off on things like catheters, suctioning, oxygenation, meds (PO, ID, IM, SC, and IV), wound care, vitals, PPE, and on and on and on. This week I start med/surg clinicals.

    My program is very fast-paced (I'm in 18 credits), but my instructors are very supportive and are really excited to be teaching us. While I still have moments where I wonder how I'm going to do this, I am learning to put trust in my instructors that they will help me get to where I need to be by next November. Our NCLEX pass rate is currently 100% for the first try, which is also encouraging.

    Good luck in your decision... it's a biggie!
  6. by   AnnaN5
    Quote from linzyann
    I was also considering going on after this to get a BSN, but since my end goal is to an NP, would this be worth my time?
    Do you mean a MSN? The MSU program awards you with a BSN after the 12 month program. I have my BS (non-nursing) from MSU and unfortunately not have heard very positive things about their nursing programs in general. I don't know if anyone here will have some first hand experience for you.

    Some other schools in MI that have accelerated BSN programs are Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, U of M, Oakland University and University of Detroit Mercy.
    Lansing Community College is also started an accelerated ASN program for people that have a previous BS degree.