Accelerated BSN pre-req advice

  1. Hey all,

    I'm really excited to start the accelerated BSN program in the next year or so. I was hoping I could get some feedback as to how my pre-requisits are looking. So far I have:

    Bio: A
    General Psych: A
    A&P 1: A-
    A&P 2: B+
    Developmental Psych: B+
    Microbio: B+
    Chemistry: C, it was a while ago :/
    Stastics: C+
    Nutrition: Pending (but looking good)

    Besides getting into how Chemistry is my enemy and, the thought of retaking it for a better grade makes me want to have an aneurysm, are there any other classes I should look into taking that will help my chances of being considered for Accelerated BSN programs???
    All of the pre-requisites vary by school so much and I don't really have the time and money to take that many more classes. Can I get by on what I have so far?
    I'm looking at schools in NY, NJ and CT btw.

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  3. by   ruby_jane
    You need to present those scores to an admissions counselor at the school of your choice to see how you stack up. You will not be doing a significant amount of chemistry per se (it's more about chemical components of medications and how these work in the body) but I suspect you'll be told to retake the chem to get a better grade. Is community college an option?
  4. by   idkmybffjill
    It all depends on average GPA of those accepted into the programs that you're looking at. What might be good for one could be too low for another.

    I would say that most likely, it would be better to retake the chem and stat courses to get a better grade if those are prereqs for the programs you want to get into, as most accelerated programs are fairly competitive (especially for the ones that don't cost 30k+). Ultimately, retaking two classes to get A's and getting into a cheaper, but more competitive ABSN program would save you money in the long run.

    And to reduce the number of different classes you would have to take, maybe come up with a list of programs you'd consider applying to with the requirements and the cost, factoring whether you'd be paying in-state or out-of-state tuition. Then, you can cross-reference and figure out what courses you would need for the majority of those programs.
  5. by   dianah
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  6. by   shorthobbit
    I would look at ABSN programs in NY, NJ, and CT and see what pre-reqs they require, what the average GPA and pre-req GPA of their admitted students is, and what the cost would be. I've just finished up the ABSN/Direct-entry MSN admissions process and I created an excel sheet with any important information and then elimated schools with high prices and weird prereqs. I would definitely consider retaking chemistry and maybe stats. However, I would check with the schools you are planning on applying to and see how they calculate pre-req GPA of classes you retake. Some will take only your new grade and some will average the grade of the original and the retake. Each school has their own prereq list but some common ones that you haven't taken are pathophysiology, pharmacology, and sociology but there are also schools that don't require any of these. Good luck and just research, research, research!