Accelerated ADN or Generic ADN. Which is better?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have applied to 2 nursing programs in Miami and my heart is set on the accelerated program. I already have a BS in psychology and I worked as a non-certified nursing assistant in SC for 1.5 years. I gained tons of clinical experience such as routine blood draw, hemocult, hooked patients up to the portable ekg machine and printed ekgs, did in and out catheters, etc. It was a neuro step down unit so I also have a lot of experience with trachs, NG tubes, pegs, suctioning, SCDs, and EVDs.
    Having read through some of the threads, it seems there is negative view on accelerated programs. Some nurses say the new grads aren't as prepared, and some say its just too much for one semester. I really could use some honest feedback! I want to be successful and be prepared to work in a demanding environment. What do you guys think? Your responses will be very appreciated.
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  3. by   MommaTy
    Since you already have a BS I would go for the Accelerated. But that is what I would do. Good luck, remember in the end no matter which way you go you will be a nurse
  4. by   AccelCNL
    I would say do the ABSN. I just graduated last year with my BA and I am starting an ABSN program in August. I am assuming you meant accelerated BSN. I say look at the job market in your area. In metro NY area ( where I live) hospitals prefer to hire BSN prepared nurses rather than ADN (associates) degree nurses. Just see the need in your area. Yes, ABSN programs are expensive ( most of them anyways) but the reward is great. I know I will have a stress filled 15-months but I am willing to go that road.

    I wish you all the best.
  5. by   bsartor
    Thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it. It is an accelerated ADN program and I plan to bridge to the BSN at the same school. My primary concerns are the course loads and not spending enough time in clinicals. The first semester is 21 credit hours