A COOL link to help us with our studies

  1. www.howstuffworks.com
    It has info about any subject you can think of....click on the "Healthstuff" and you have tons of topics relating to what we need to study to make it through those grueling science classes.
    Good luck everyone :wink2:
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  3. by   mermaid36

    what an awesome website that is!!! i love it! i just peeked at it for a minute and can't believe how much info there is. just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing that!

  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    what a great site...previewed how atrial fibrillation works very easy understand + great picutres.
  5. by   usmom123
    haven't had time to glance yet but I am really bad in science. I am currently working on the cell and come Tuesday have a cell quiz( we have to label all the parts with correct spelling). I am determined to do this but I could use some pointers on science for now I am dreading the math (metrics):uhoh21: might be worse...anyone can send me email @yahoo with the same user name...alot of support is better then no support.....