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    Quote from jmckeith
    I agree, it was kinda funny though because most of the younger students are the ones that struggled. I just don't think the commitment was there with some.
    Even older students or people who were already in some health job had a bad attitude about studying for the class. For example in my A&P 2 class was a pre-med student.... we were able to drop one test, either lab or lecture and she opted to not take the last lab test. Out of all tests this last lab test was probably the most important since it dealt with tons of histology. I guess it was just too much effort for her to learn the 50+ images. Even my instructor scratched his head and he said that it is essential to know these things if you want to become a Dr.....I think she just generated a lot of hot air all semester anyway and didn't get out of there with a competitive grade. Makes you scratch your head.....:spin: I couldn't believe how few people made use of the study lab which has everything you need to study. Biology teachers were there for FREE tutoring also. Our instructor made sure that we had every resource and only the best examples available to prepare for the lab tests. And still, very poor participation. You can take a horse to the water but you can't make it drink (should be "donkey" since I have been around horses and they are smarter than that LOL)
    I can already see the students in my upcoming Ethics and Human Growth class..."easy" classes most will probably snooze right through lecture and then wonder why they don't get A's and won't get into nursing school. Couldln't believe, had a student in my Chemistry class who was chronically snoozing...started snoring, too, wanted to be a nurse
    S C A R Y !!!!!
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    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    It's a very neat place: Alpine Helen - White County Convention & Visitors Bureau

    I like to go shopping in Fredericksburg. All the little shops are fun

    I know I had NO idea what to expect when I first started A&P
    What a cute town....looks just like in the Alps
    I knew that A&P wouldn't be a picnic. During my frequent hospital visits and stays I talked to many nurses and they all told me the same thing....it's hard to get into nursing school, it's competitive and that the classes are hard. So I expected it
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    I'll join. I'm taking A&P and Microbiology this Spring 07. I"m in just let me know. Lisa
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    See the new sticky for Spring '07 A&P II at the top of this forum.
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    OK, so it looks like this thread has been dead for some time. Skype is an excellent chat program that allows for chat voice and or video in any combination. I am starting A&P II (Digestive, Cardio-Thoracic, Pulmonary, Circulatory) on the 25th and I'd love to get a group going here or there. I was once very dedicated to an art-cult but these biology couses are seeing all that to a halt. :P I'll Probably start a new thread on it.