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I just want to say this website is a blessing. I feel I can't really talk to anyone else about this unless they are right there with me going through this. I took my first lab test tonight, and I had... Read More

  1. by   Daytonite
    In some schools where there are long waits for places in nursing classes, they deliberately design the work required of the students in A&P to thin out the herd. A&P for some students is the first time they are confronted with having to plan and organize their study of a subject rather than having an instructor spoon feed it to them. As one poster said previously, she studied whenever she wasn't doing things for her family. No TV. This is the kind of dedication it takes to pass this kind of class. It is going to get much more intensive when you get into your nursing classes. The thinking is that if a student can't figure out how to pass an anatomy test, how in the world are they going to figure out how to organize their work day as RNs?

    Aspiring nursing students. . .your instructors are going to be constantly assessing your work ethic and performance when you get into your nursing classes. Prospective employers are going to talk to your nursing instructors and ask them what kind of student you have been because it gives them an idea of the kind of employee you will be. If you procrastinate, whine and complain that things are too hard, give up easily, skip classes, or stand to the back of the line when it comes time to volunteer to do things, this information is going to be noted by your instructors and transmitted either directly or by not commenting on it at all to your prospective work places. Nurse recruiters are very sharp at reading between the lines of reference letters! I have been actively involved in the hiring and orienting of new grad nurses and I'm telling you the truth here. Those of you who take your studies seriously will be the ones who will succeed. The others just disappear and find other things to do.