3.2 pre-req gpa will start on fall07

  1. Hello everyone. I have been browsing for some time now.
    First let me give you my grades:
    anatomy -C (took it during summer -6 weeks-)

    I applied Jan 2007 for Fall 07. Got my mail last week saying I got accepted to the nursing program. I applied to 3 schools. One school based on waiting list and the other two school based on GPA.
    To those students that have Cs and Bs, dont lose hope the key is to apply to more than one school..
    When I got my C for Anatomy I was so devastated. I keep hearing during orientation at different schools that you need to get all A to be considered.

    Im going to LBCC, California...
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  3. by   roxxy3773
    Congrats maireez!! I am sure this post will be very promising for a lot of students since the process at times can be very discouraging, especially hearing that people with a 4.0 sometimes get turned away!
  4. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Way to go Maireez! Thank you for the very encouraging post. Like Roxxy said, a lot of people get discouraged when they see posts saying that you must have a 4.0 to be considered. Not true. Granted, some college may have such high standards that they do require a 4.0, but in many schools, that just isn't possible. Most of us "more mature" folks have more going on than just school, so sometimes grades do fall below a 4.0. And there is not a thing wrong with that!!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for being an inspiration to lots of folks on here!! Good luck in the program~
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    Good for you! You definitely made me feel a lot better--I'm scared to take the science pre-reqs as science is definitely not my best subject..But your post gave me hope.
  6. by   cesRN
    Congratulations and welcome to AllNurses.com Maireez! Thanks for that post. It can happen and if you have patience and an inner drive, anybody can do it
  7. by   maireez
    Iknow my average is really not that high compare to other students. I did some research in regards to community college in my area and found out that there are 2 community colleges that have grants right now.. meaning they are accepting around 90 students per sem, that's why i got it..