2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application - page 4

The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not... Read More

  1. by   kevsgirl1
    Hey JeffC, I have a question about the tax side of the scholarship. Have you done your taxes this year yet? The reason I am concerned is because my school costs more than others, and I am trying to figure out if I get it if I should save the monthly stipends to pay on my return next year. I usually get money from the government around $5000 because I work part time, go to school, and have a four year old on my own. Any opinions on the taxes?
  2. by   JeffC
    Definitely save monthly payments toward taxes! Luckily, my first year in out of a 3 year program, FAFSA picked up the majority of tuition....otherwise my tax bill would have been larger. FAFSA only pays taxes on your behalf for the monthly stipend, but not for the tuition....and that is only for Federal taxes, no state taxes are taken out at all.
  3. by   bless1014
    Hello to all applicants for the 2012-2013 HRSA scholarship. I began the online application and cannot seem to get pass the degree information page. At the point where you select the school the drop down box does not open any list of schools . Has anyone else experienced this ? Also if you look under how to apply it has the questions there. I am praying for everyone best wishes to you all. I am praying to return with this scholarship to school I am attending a BSN program and began May 2011 but I had to temporarily stop due to financial aid but I am never giving up
  4. by   hihopes22

    That happened to me. Once I received the error, I noticed the page was still loading.I waited a few minutes (went onto another tab and came back to application) I was able to choose the school. Hope this helps!
  5. by   nadelc007
    Do any of you guys know about the Verification of Good Standing how to fill that paper out?
    I know a nursing school offical has to fill that out,but I am currently a senior in high school
    so how would I fill that out? Could I have my high school guidance counselor fill that out for me?
  6. by   kevsgirl1
    nadelc007 - Have you actually been accepted to nursing school? If so, just forward the letter to the nursing department. If not, then you may not be eligible. You have to be entering the nursing program before September 2012. That means actual acceptance to the program, not just the college. I was a nursing declared major my freshman year of college awhile back and thought that made me eligible for the program. It did not since there was no official acceptance to the program yet. Hope this helps!
  7. by   kevsgirl1
    Thanks once again JeffC! Fortunately there are no state taxes where I live. I only pay federal. I have alot of deductions being a single mother, so hopefully that will help me again.
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  8. by   liljd
    Hi everyone....I am getting a little frustrated with the application process. I know i have more than a good chance at getting this scholarship since I've had years of experience helping the underserved and this past summer i went to Ecuador to volunteer at a public hospital. I've already racked up my letters of rec. However, the application does not allow me to put my accelerated BSN program date at the start of May 14th. I will be okay not receiving aid from that point to july 1st, but does this make me ineligible? I sent an email to the Gethelp address a week ago about my concern and they never responded. I checked back on my application today and now it states I am ineligible?!! I'm so baffled at this point. I decided to give them a call today and still no response...
  9. by   kevsgirl1
    I do not know. Many things could make you ineligible. Did you already submit the application?
  10. by   liljd
    nope, i just started working on it.
  11. by   kevsgirl1
    Are you sure your school is eligible?
  12. by   liljd
    Yes, I believe so. CCNE accreditation. It's Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish College.
  13. by   kevsgirl1
    What is your EFC?